An Orange woman was arrested Jan. 2, after she was caught shoplifting wine in the Market Basket store in the 3700 block of 16th St. Nisshaun Nakia Narcanna Nicole Smith, 18, was seen by store employees shoplifting wine .

While en route to the scene, Officer Robert Campbell was advised that Smith was fighting and using pepper spray against loss prevention and other employees. Upon arrival Officer Campbell was directed to the back of the store near the office, where he could smell the odor of pepper spray.

Assistant manager of the store, Carl Sellman told Officer Campbell that he had observed Smith remove a bottle of wine from the rack, and conceal it inside her baggy pants. After walking around inside the store, Smith attempted to leave the store when she was stopped by Sellman. At this point, Smith began to fight with Sellman and other employees and sprayed pepper spray, which contaminated at least two employees.

Due to the fact that Smith used force while committing a theft, and committed assault while trying to retain the property, she was arrested for robbery.