The life of Daisy Cutchins, 9, of Bridge City is not of an ordinary fourth grader, but of a beauty queen in a room filled with the glitz and glam of more than 80 sparkling crowns, sequined dresses and sashes.

She does not win every pageant she enters, but the one constant in her life is the love and support of her family.

However, her latest achievement has caught the attention of TLC and she will be on the hit reality TV show, “Toddlers and Tiaras” 8 p.m. Wednesday which has her family smiling ear to ear. They have not seen the edited version and will see it along with everyone else when it airs.

The film crew from TLC followed them around Bridge City while hooked up to microphones and a camera person not far away. They filmed the family crabbing and working on Daisy’s hair. They were also at a pageant.

“They literally follow your every move, “ said April Cutchins, Daisy’s mother. “It’s very nerve wracking.”

The show will not only feature Daisy, but two other girls as well.

Daisy says of her time at the pageants, “I don’t like it— I love it.”

“I do it because it is really fun,” she added.

Daisy began the pageant life when she was one year old. Now it is a way of life. She attends dance class where she works on routines from different types such as jazz, hip hop and lyrical. She also  goes to monthly modeling classes in Houston.

Pageants are done on the weekends. Once she is out of school on Friday afternoons, her mother picks her up and they are off to the next pageant. For the most part they are within a five hour drive. But, they have also traveled as far away as Kentucky or Georgia to participate in the national competitions.

Once at the hotel, there are more things to do in order to prepare for the pageant. Daisy’s mother gives her a spray tan and makes sure she is ready for the next day. While in the meantime, Daisy can’t wait to see her pageant friends.

On the day of the competition, April Cutchins does Daisy’s hair which is usually full of curls and what is referred to as “big hair.” Then Daisy’s makeup is applied.

The girls in the pageant are judged on a scale of one to ten on the attire, overall beauty, eye contact and stage projection. During the competition the girls change outfits several times to include swimwear, casual wear and evening gowns. Some pageants require a talent as well. Daisy performs a dance routine. Her grandfather, Steve Qiubodeaux, makes the props for the routines. In the past he has made a jukebox, washing machine and a piano.

If Daisy forgets her routine, she ad-libs and moves on. She knows the key is to make everyone like her. But, she is not worried either way.

“ I know my routines, I can do them in my sleep,” she said.

Once the show begins, Daisy said she can’t wait to go on stage and prefers to go first to avoid getting nervous.

One thing she knows she must do throughout the competition, is have eye contact with the judges and stay focused.

Sometimes Daisy comes home with not only a beautiful crown to add to her collection, but cash and prizes as well.

The Toddlers and Tiaras TV show has been a popular one for people of all ages. In the past there have been some participants which have given pageants a bad reputation of “temper fits” and mothers fighting amongst themselves and their daughters .

April Cutchins does not deny these type of situations do arise, but her daughter does not fit the stereotype. Daisy is a normal girl when with friends, but still  likes to do beauty pageants.

“There are a lot of awesome, sweet people but there are those who take it to extremes,” April Cutchins said.

But, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Beauty pageants are something the family has participated in for many years. April Cutchins, who started at age three, also participated in pageants and so does her other daughter one-year-old Charlie who was recently Little Miss Bridgefield and Daisy was Miss Bridgefield.

“I have gained a lot from them and I hope she does too,” said April Cutchins on participating in pageants.

But, in the end it is a chance to make new friends and learn from her opportunities as a beauty queen to carry herself into the future.

A recent photo shoot of Daisy Cutchins, 9, of Bridge City shows the beauty queen’s modeling potential. She will be on TV at 8 p.m. Wednesday on TLC participating in a pageant.