Local Boys Scouts from Troops 1 and 62, plus Sea Scouts from Ship 2012 were given permission by Orange County Commissioners Court to camp at the Orange County Airport and provide a pancake breakfast for a fly in Feb. 22-24 to work on their Aviation Merit Badge. Fliers will be distributed to airports in a 150 mile radius inviting pilots to fly in to the airport for a pancake breakfast offering scouts the opportunity to witness landings and takeoffs and study different types of planes. Scouts will study all aspects of aviation and will experience flight with Tom Foreman in his personal plane.

Currently the airport serves 10-15 flights a day.

Pictured left to right, front row: Outdoor chairman Scott Boaz, Sea Scouts Ship 2012, Faith and Abigail Blowers; BSA Troop 62, Aaron Blowers and Scoutmaster Dennis Blowers. Back row: Commissioners’ Court: David Dubose, Precinct 1; Owen Burton, Precinct 2; Judge Carl Thibodeaux; John Banken, Precinct 3; and Jody Crump, Precinct 4

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