On Monday, Jan. 28, at about 4:30 pm, the Orange County Sheriff’s office was contacted by the assistant principal at Orangefield High School concerning suspicious circumstances.

Upon arrival at the school, deputies met with the OHS assistant principal concerning a hit list that was found in a restroom in the school. The list had several student’s names on it. OCSO investigators were able to locate the suspect in this incident and the 15 year old student admitted to writing the note. Officers were able to locate, and speak to all the kids whose names were on the note, as well as the kid’s parents, advising them of the situation.

The 15 year old suspect spoke with investigators and advised he did it as a prank, and was not planning to follow through with the threats. OHS suspended the students, and charges are pending and the investigation is ongoing.

OCSO has been providing extra security patrols and walking through all the schools in Orangefield, and other schools in Orange County, making sure the schools and students are safe.