The Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School Student Council attended the annual John Ben Shepperd Student Leadership Forum on Jan. 24. The Forum, a one-day session provided at no cost to the student or the school, is sponsored by Arkema, Inc., Eastham Forge, Inc., Entergy-Texas and Mason Construction, Ltd. The event is hosted by the Beaumont Area Chamber of Commerce, Sheppard Leadership Institute and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

According to Stacey Smith, LCM’s student activities coordinator, “The program, also called ‘The Sheppard Edge,’ operates on the premise that leadership is not innate; it must be nurtured and encouraged. They believe that students will come away from the program with a lasting benefit as future leaders of our area.”

The day’s curriculum includes, to name just a very few, leadership communication, the students are given the necessary tools to learn more about themselves and how to interact with a variety of people using leadership colors; creative leadership, an interactive activity helps define the characteristics needed for effective leadership; brainstorming, the students perform an activity that involves the concept that idea gathering is important for effective leadership.

Pictured are students from left – Bailey Williams, Mackenzie Trawhon, Triston Stringer, Tara Thompson, and Baylee Billiot.