During the national Catholic Schools Week Celebration, St. Mary Catholic School is proud to remind parents and families about the benefits of a Catholic school education.  In addition to the dividends of faith, knowledge, discipline, and morals, St. Mary Catholic School also offers an advanced curriculum which prepares students for success in high school, college and beyond. 

“Catholic Schools Raise the Standards” is the national theme of this year’s Catholic Schools Week Celebration, shining light on the truth that Catholic schools continue to provide a nurturing and structured environment that is conducive to learning and achievement.  Achievement cannot be measured without standards and testing, and just like its public school counterparts, St. Mary Catholic School measures the proficiency of its students through annual standardized testing.

St. Mary Catholic School administers the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) in grades 1 through 8.  This same test is administered by many other public and private schools in Texas and in all 50 states, which allows St. Mary students’ assessment results to be compared to those of their peers nationwide.  The ITBS is used to test the proficiency of students in the core subjects of Reading, Language, and Math, as well as the subjects of Social Studies and Science.  The St. Mary Catholic School faculty then uses the results of these test to improve and enhance their curriculum and teaching methods so that their students can receive an even better education.

At St. Mary Catholic School students are not “taught to the test.”  In fact, the students are reminded before the test to simply relax and do their best, because the test is ONLY a measurement of how well the school and its staff is doing their job.  This approach continues to yield positive results in the classroom and on the tests.

Most recent ITBS results show that not only did St. Mary Catholic School students in all grades show a proficiency in all subjects, but they in fact ranked, on average, in the top 30% of all students tested nationwide.

St. Mary Catholic School is proud of their students’ success.  Involved parents, small class sizes, and dedicated teachers focused on the individual educational needs of each student, are just a few of the elements that allow St. Mary Catholic School to continue to “Raise the Standards” of academic excellence in Orange County.

St. Mary Catholic School, located in Orange, Texas, is currently open for enrollment for students of all faiths in Pre-K 3 through 8th Grade.  The school was founded in 1924 and continues its proud tradition of “Excellence in Education” by offering an advanced curriculum within a caring and disciplined Christian environment.  Tuition assistance and after-school is available.  For information about the school or to schedule a tour call 409-883-8913.