Officers from the Orange Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between Jan. 30, and Feb. 6:

Jan. 30:

Suspicious circumstances, 19952 FM 1130/Mauriceville Middle School, Orange

Burglary of habitation, 7016 Sandbar Rd., Orange

Burglary of habitation, 1925 Summerville, Orange

Burglary of habitation, 10106 FM 1442, Bridge City

Burglary of habitation, 835 Cherokee St., Vidor

Burglary of habitation, 3155 Lakeview Cutoff St., Vidor

Public service/Threats, 7804 Pecan Dr., Orange

Criminal mischief/disturbance (arrest), 5885 Williamson Rd., Orange

Jan. 31:

Shooting, 2934 FM 1131, Vidor

Harassment, 5060 Corbett St., Vidor

Cruelty to animal, 2632 Claire Dr., Orange

Theft, Lakeview at Hunter/AT&T junction box, Vidor

Feb. 1:

Theft, 915 Sawmill, Vidor

Disturbance, 7799 Lea St., Orange

Feb. 2:

Disturbance, 13090 Sandridge, Vidor

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 2560 Crestwood St., Vidor

Vehicle registration request, Old Hwy. 90, Vidor

Accident, 144 Allie Payne Rd., Orange

Feb. 3:

Fraud, 3543 Lawn Oak Dr., Orange

Suspicious circumstances, 4457 S. Hwy. 87

Burglary of motor vehicle, Hwy. 12/Star Stop, Orange

Criminal mischief, 3000 block N. Hwy. 62,

Theft, 4340 Revere Ln., Vidor

Runaway, 1520 Cheyenne Dr., Vidor

Fire investigation, 915 W. Freeway Blvd., Vidor

Traffic stop, Apache/Houseman Rd., Vidor

Feb. 4:

Medical/death investigation, 3051 Dempsey Dr., Orange

Fraud, 2476 Alvin St., Orange

Traffic arrest/possession of controlled substance, Kennedy Dr., Vidor

Criminal mischief, 915 Freeway Blvd., Vidor

Theft, 205 Border,

Feb. 5:

Traffic arrest/possession of marijuana, Dewitt and Service Rd., Vidor

Traffic arrest/possession of controlled substance, Dewitt at Railroad, Vidor