Area police agencies are still investigating a string of daytime burglaries which occurred in various neighborhoods while the residents were away at work.

According to Chad Hogan, of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, as of Wednesday last week, the burglaries, which fit the criteria of the same type, have stopped.

With the recent media attention to the problems, tips have been consistently coming in to the local police agencies in addition to the sheriff’s office. However, there have not been any arrests made in the cases.

Investigators will continue to work on the cases and patrol area neighborhoods in hopes of catching the suspects and to help prevent future burglaries.

Investigators are asking for citizens help with any information on suspicious vehicles or activity in their neighborhoods. Anyone who sees a suspicious vehicle or someone in their neighborhood who looks out of place is asked to please contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Hogan suggest getting  a license plate number on suspicious vehicles which would be very helpful.

“Even if it’s only a partial plate number,” he said.

The number to call at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is 409-883-2612 which is answered 24 hours a day.