There’s a boogie man in the oil patch. We are producing more domestic oil than at any time, we are importing less oil than ever before. Consumption of gasoline is less, as citizens conserve. Why in the world are gas prices escalating? Oil is at only $95 a barrel and normally that would make gas prices at the pump run between $2.50 and $2.80 a gallon, yet today I paid $3.59. So what’s happening? Well, you can lay the blame at the feet of the oil companies. When consumption went down, to make the same bottom line, oil companies jacked the prices up. They are making millions more with jacked up prices and making up for loss of business. They might be sending a message that hybrid cars may save gas but they are not going to let it affect their bottom line. High gas prices not only hurt the economy, it’s a killer for the working class and middle class families. There is no excuse for it and big oil is to blame. What really is upsetting is that there is no other logic to it.***** Oh well, a full moon is coming this weekend and I hope the skies are clear. Full moons bring back memories and special thoughts. I have a long way to go and hopefully have a little something for everyone. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Country singer Kree Harrison made it to the Top 40 on Season 12 of “American Idol,” swaying the judges by singing Grace Potter’s “Stars” in memory of her departed mother. The Texas born singer lost her father, Clint Harrison, in an airplane crash and in an incredibly cruel twist of fate, also lost her mom, Cathy, in an auto accident. She sang the Potter track in a soulful, emotional performance that amply displayed not only the quality of her voice, but also her way to conveying the emotional intent of a song. The judges were blown away. “I fought for you a few times, and I know why, “ Keith Urban said. “Because your voice is one of my favorites in the entire competition. Mariah Carey agreed, saying, “There’s something that feels genuine about you as a performer. Nicki Minaj became a convert on the spot, telling the young performer, “I feel like today you became a star in front of me.” Kree, who spent her early years in Woodville, also attended school in Bridge City before moving to Nashville to live with her sister Lacy Johnson Bruce. Her mother and father were both raised and attended school in Bridge City. Her local family consist of her only aunt, Penny Harrison, and grandparents Beverly Roberts Myers, of Groves, and Wilson Roberts, former Bridge City police chief and retired lawman. They are her mother’s parents. Wilson and wife Veronica live in Duncan Woods. Her father’s mother, Myra Harrison, a longtime Bridge City resident now lives in Colmesneil. Brother Cory Harrison, 19, lives with his grandmother Myra. Kree’s older brother, Michael Johnson, lives in Houston. Both he and Lacy are the children of Keith Johnson and grandchildren of Charles and Pat Johnson of Bridge City. Even though she claims Woodville as home, Kree’s roots run deep in Orange County. The Woodville mayor and Tyler County officials have sent her their blessings. The people of Orange County will also be rooting for her as she moves up the ladder.


10 Years Ago-2003

Local church and civic groups are organizing to benefit Orange County resident Mandy LaCombe, survivor of a tragic auto crash. The benefit will be held March, 6, at the Bridge City Senior Citizens Center. Entertainment will be provided by Christian singers John and Trina Bickham,  Kirk Travis, Linda Granger Crawford and Kirk Ellender. Pro football player Jason Matthews will be on hand to sign autographs. Shane Dronett contributed autographed posters and photos from his Atlanta Falcons team.*****Salem United Methodist Church celebrates its 134 year anniversary on Sunday, Feb. 21. The church was established in 1868 in an Orange house which is now the site of the Oaks Town Homes. (Editor’s note: Today the church is 144 years old.)*****Bridge City volleyball star Natalie Sarver signed to play for Lamar in Beaumont. The District 20-4A MVP and all state first team player, led Bridge City to the Class 4-A state semifinals and a season record of 37-3.*****Ten of coach Les Johnson’s Bridge City football players received football scholarships last week. They are Dustin Juneau, Jeremy Stolfa, Eric Bramblett, Raum Bryant, Jared Williams, Dathan Juneau, Daniel Kibodeaux, Bryan Wiggins, Brad Miller and Jeremy Buckley. During Coach Johnson’s four years at Bridge City, 26 of his players received football scholarships. A few others recipients over the years are John Hoffpauir, Bryan Bock, Nicolas Watson, Sambo Carpenter, Joe Brackin, Toby Latiolais, Chad Hanks, Tony Lute, Kenny Strong, Chris Collins, Colby Doucet, Joey Anderson, Lack Jetter, Ryan Skinner and Rhett Sanders. (Editor’s note: That’s all I remember. Lute went to the Air Force Academy, Kenny Strong, U of H,  Hoffpauir and Watson, McNeese, Doucet, Northwestern and Latiolais went on to Harvard. I wonder what became of those boys and how their lives turned out.)

 39 Years Ago-1974

Joe Alford will be the new assistant DA under Sharon Bearden starting Feb. 15.*****Attorneys Malcolm Dorman and Jim Dunaway have formed a partnership. Frank Hustmyre, who is semi-retired, is still associated with the firm. Jim is almost back on two legs since being injured riding a motorcycle. (Imitating Evel Knievel.)*****Patsy Fisette is in Houston having surgery again for rheumatoid arthritis.*****Don Harmon started building a new home in the country. Before the house could be completed he was taken into the City of Orange.*****Cynthia Hooks, who recently had a baby, is planning on going back to work at the courthouse in about two weeks.*****Joe Hester is building a new trailer park.*****The City of Orange and the county jointly purchased a bus to transport senior citizens.*****As soon as Crip Trahan was appointed constable, he asked for a raise.*****Some members of the West Orange Chiefs track team are mile relayers James Bean, Randall Teate, Marty Edwards and Steve Fisher; 440 relayers Roy Williams, Teate, Earl Thomas and Fisher; shot putter Paul Bingham; 100 yard dash and broad jumper Roy Williams.


Ty Broussard, Nathan Dickman, Ron Teaff, Sydney Peet, Allison Floyd, Erin Boren, Beverly Satir, Jim Izer, Amanda Newman, “B.E. “”Bob”” Hankins”, George W. Stevens , Barry Murchison, Chad Boatman, Harry Risher, Jasmine Lindner, John Curphy, Leslie Braus, Wesley Arnold, Brint Carlton, John Hughes, Jody Andes, Betty Davis, Crystal Jones, Misti Bishop, Juanita Sullivan, Kelle Betz, Matthew Bland, Rachel Doucet, Joe Hebert, Dalton Bonds, Brently Sholmire, Regina Harrington, Scarlett Fontenot, Taylor Brownlie, Bill Bennett, Brad Frye, Zelda Jones, Kaylea Smith, Doris Byrd, Angela Brinson, Anita Murchison, Betty Sherman, Kayden Meulemans, Braelyn Baugh, Michael Gray, Claudia Williams, Eleanor Shult, Marilyn Powell, Zachary Gilliam and Amanda Beeson.


We were sorry to hear of the death of Kent Conwell, 76, who passed away Feb. 14. Kent had written a weekly column for our Record Newspapers for 20 years. Kent was a very good writer who had written some 40 or more western novels and written also for other publications. His column on national affairs and politics leaned far to the right. He was described as an ultra conservative. We didn’t often agree with him, however he gave a balanced view to the paper. His opinions were well written and he made a good case for his beliefs. We will miss him. Please see obit.*****It’s with deep sadness that we learned our friend Charles Pratt is in grave condition. We understand Charlie is now on life support. Our prayers are with him and Edith. Hang in there Ms. Edee, it’s now in the Lord’s hands.*****We hear Cowboy Cross Band will play at the Bass Tournament next month. It will be a great time.*****Congrats to Orange pro-boxer Cody Richard who improved his record to 12-0 with his sixth knockout against Steve Trumble. The bout was held Saturday at Evangeline Downs Casino, in Opelousas.*****We heard our longtime friend Marcell Adams has been in the hospital with a high blood pressure flair up. Beat wishes for a speedy recovery.*****Prescription drug prices, after dropping during the recession, are returning to rates of a decade ago. In 2012, drug prices rose 3.6 percent twice the inflation rate. That is in sharp contrast to other health costs. Prices for a doctor’s visit, lab test and nursing home room all fell below the rate of inflation, 1.7 percent for the last two years. Generic drugs allow consumers to buy drugs at a lower cost. Name brand drugs taking big jumps are No. 1, Nexium, 7.8 percent, $2.62; No. 2, Abilify, for Bipolar disorder, 10.4 percent, $6.42; No. 3, Crestor, cholesterol drug, 9.7 percent, $1.93 per scrip.*****Changes could be in store for NBC. Universal Comcast has paid $16.7 billion for the 49 percent of NBC that they didn’t own. The marketing of MSNBC has gained popularity over the past year. Their daily programming starts with Morning Joe at 5 a.m. and features a number of personalities throughout the day. Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Tamara Hall, Chris Matthews, Ed Shultz, Rachael Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell and others.*****Pam Scales Crew marries Rusty Honeycutt Saturday at 5 p.m. Congratulations and hang on Cowboy.*****Area Boy Scouts are camping at the airport Friday night preparing to offer a free pancake breakfast Saturday morning to pilots flying in. They are earning their aviation merit badge. We hear pilot Tom Foreman may take the scouts for a flight.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. Feb. 20 is Chief Jerry Wimberly’s birthday. He is battling cancer and seems to be winning. Ms. Ruby has been under the weather also. Here’s praying that they are both on the upswing.***Feb. 20, is also pretty Allison Floyd’s birthday. We did a story on her attending the Grammy’s last week. An early birthday present.***Candace Atkins turns 24 on Feb. 20.***Friends celebrating Feb. 21, our buddy Ray Craven turns 65. He’s the mayor of Henrietta Street and Jack-of-all-trades. He handles any fix up problem around this neighborhood.***Also celebrating is our friend Misty Songe, who turns 31 and looks like 23. She’s the boss lady at Bridge City Verizon.***Feb. 22 finds Barry Murchison celebrating. Also marking a birthday is Chad Boatman and Brint Carlton.***Gertrude Bellair will celebrate her birthday on Feb. 22. I’m not gonna tell her age.***Feb. 23 is a special day for Betty Davis, Misti Bishop and Joe Hebert.*** Also Feb. 23, 1996 is the day Anna Lee Knight died, 17 years ago. We still miss her and remember this special lady.***Feb. 24 finds longtime friend Regina Harrington, Doug’s better half, celebrating. She and Doug moved to Spring, Texas. Regina is still full of energy, looks after Doug,  who has been in poor health lately and recently had gallbladder surgery***Feb. 25, a special day for BCPD Assistant Chief Brad Frye, Zelda Jones and Angela Brinson.***Feb. 26, is the special day for coach/teacher/trainer and soon to be married on March 2, Moe Litton, who was born not in a manger but in the oilfields of East Texas.*** Also celebrating is Anita Murchison, Claudia Williams and Betty Sherman. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list in this publication. A very happy belated birthday also to Julian Edwards who turned 18 on Feb. 19.*****Karen Jo’s sister Judy and husband Sam Frank Lucia, since retiring, went looking for a new CPA. They said they found just the right accountant in John Dubose, intelligent, honest and very helpful.*****Trinity Lutheran Church, on 16th Street in Orange, has sold their church building to Trinity Baptist Church. The Orange Lutherans will be joining Rev. Zock and the St. Mark’s Lutheran congregation in Bridge City.*****Seven year olds, Sofia Harrison and Lexi Tubbleville, celebrated their birthdays with an Alice in Wonderland extravaganza. Moms Hallie and Michelle joined other adults by wearing costumes. They took great pictures.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Robert’s last week and an interesting group attended. I want Judge Courtney to know I counted heads and the group was evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. In fact, Republicans won by one, a pretty blond. This week, the Bunch dines at Novrozsky’s. Everyone is always welcome. We haven’t seen our friends Mark and Barbette Philpott lately. I’m told the constable has been awfully busy. Next week, the Bunch dines at Robert’s.*****We were sorry to hear about Constable Chris Humble, Tessa and family, suffering a fire in their home. What didn’t burn experienced smoke and water damage. They are displaced for now but met with the insurance company Monday.*****Why would anyone believe that if they killed someone and hid the body, they would get by with it. Like the murderer of Tami Higginbotham. The killer nearly always get caught. It’s a no brainer. It’s like some idiot thinking he can get by with bank robbery like they did in the old days when the fastest communication was the telegraph.*****Habitat for Humanity has begun work on Shanell Breaux’s home with the help of contributions to United Way. Shanell would like to thank everyone who made it possible for her entire family to have a home and to have peace of mind.


Seven retired Cajuns were playing Bourre’ (boo-ray) at Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill wen Alex Comeaux him, loses $500 on a single hand of cards. Poor Comeaux, he clutches his chest and drops dead at da table.

Showing respect for Comeaux, dere fallen comrade, da utta six continue but standing up. At da  end of da game, Thibodeaux axe, “Mais who is gonna tell his wife Hazel?” Dey cut da cards and Alfred Premeaux picks da low card and has to carry da news. Da mens tell Premeaux to be discreet, be gentle, don’t make a bad situation any worse.” “I’m da most discreet person you will ever meet, said Premeaux, leave it to me.”

He went to Comeaux’s house and knocked on da door. Hazel her, answer through da door and axe, “Wat you want you hanh?”

Premeaux says, “Miss Hazel, you husband Alex jus lost $500 in a card game and is afraid to come home him.”

Hazel say, “Tell him to drop dead.”

Premeaux say, “Okay, I’ll go tell him me.”


Come March 1, our government faces the Sequester, $85 billion in across the board cuts. Cuts so drastic it could send the growing economy into a tailspin. The congress says they are not budging. Their main goal is to change Medicare and Social Security as we know it. If they ever have complete control both will be privatized, you can book that. Simpson-Bowles is attempting to come up with a package that both parties can agree on that would offset the Sequester. They will have a hard time selling it because there just isn’t any middle ground. This could be really bad. *****Confirmation hearings have become so shameful and brutal I don’t know why anyone would want to serve under these conditions. Gen. Allen said “Thanks, but no thanks.” He chose to retire rather than go through confirmations. Example, the Chuck Hagel hearings. Sen. Ted Cruz makes himself a modern-day Joe McCarthy. He turned a normal committee vote into his own personal circus, making outlandish smear after smear against Hagel. That earned him the ire not just of senators in the room but also the national media. He’s only been in the senate one month but through his disgraceful actions, Ted Cruz stole all the headlines. Cruz said his opponent for the Texas senate wasn’t conservative enough. David Dewhurst is plenty conservative, he’s not like Cruz, an obstructionist who is self serving. He has yet to vote for one bill that has passed. Sen. John Cornyn seems to be keeping some distance between he and Cruz. Ted doesn’t make us Texas proud. Unfortunately, we Orange County folks really get hit hard, we have Steve Stockman, who is one of the real crazy ones in the U.S. congress. At least Cruz might be crazy but he’s not stupid, he knows what he doing stroking the Tea Party‘s ego.*****My time is up, thanks for yours. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. This week I strongly suggest if you’re in the market for a car or truck, new or pre-owned, you can’t go wrong at David Self Ford. Honestly, I’d bet on it. Take care and God bless.