The mystery has been solved. Samantha did it.

It was a fun night at the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce’s Mystery Dinner Theater, “Reading Aunt Louise’s Will.”

Most of the audience participated dressing for the early 70s as Hippies or Disco kings and queens.

Classic disco tunes were played for the first 30 minutes before the mystery performance started and again during the meal, getting everyone in a party mood. Video clips were projected against the stage wall.

Over the top performances were given by an unlikely cast of characters directed by Jody Chesson and Adam Conrad.

Samantha Reindorf, played by Caitlin Pridemore was arrested in the end for the death of her brother-in-law Virgil Reindorf. By his death, her husband, Alex, played by Juan Gonzales would inherit over a million dollars of his mother’s money.

Samantha tried to make it look like a suicide, but the note was a dead giveaway. Samantha was always correcting everyone’s language, unfortunately, she wrote the note the same way; grammatically correct.

Every other word out of Virgil’s mouth was “man,” so he clearly did not write his last words.

Samantha may know the King’s English, but in the end, it was her downfall.

Man, sometimes you just gotta let it all hang loose and not be so uptight.

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