Not originally on the 2012-2012 season of the Lutcher Theater, “Rhythm of the Dance” comes to the Lutcher stage at 7:30 p.m., Saturday. The show is also very affordable with orchestra seats only $35 and balcony seats running $20-30. Student tickets are discounted $5.

This two-hour dance and music extravaganza of the National Dance Company of Ireland contains a wealth of Irish talent. The show is an inspiring epic, reliving the journey of the Irish Celts throughout history.

It is not to be mistaken for “River Dance.” Lynae Sanford of the Lutcher Theater says “Rhythm of the Dance” is a completely different show.

Using modern art forms of dance and music, this richly costumed show marries the contemporary and the ancient.

“Rhythm of the Dance” has heralded a new era in Irish entertainment, internationally rated as one of the most popular and busiest Irish step dance shows in the world. It aspires to a purity content preserving the traditions of Irish step dancing and yet presenting it in the most modern format that has made it a leader in its field. The show features a live band, three tenors and some 22 dancers.

Conceived as a three week show in 1998, it has pleased audiences for 15 years. Saturday is “Rhythm of the Dance’s” first time in Texas. International Paper is the local sponsor for the performance. The show will be featured on PBS March 17.

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the theater box office at 409-886-5535. The Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts is located at 707 Main, Orange, Texas.