The Gospel story has been shared in a myriad of ways over many centuries – embracing the key themes and truths of ‘the greatest story ever told,’ a group of young musicians and artists will visit Orange this weekend to spread the word, making it ever-more accessible, and entertaining, for new audiences.

‘The 5 Dragon Daughter’ – set for two performances Friday and Saturday at North Orange Baptist Church – blends music, hand-drawn illustrations, animation, painting, dance and more in an allegorical recreation of the life of Christ.

At once an epic journey of heroism, danger and sacrifice it is also a tale of everlasting love, truth and beauty, beginning at 7:00 p.m. each night at 4775 North 16th St.  The performance is free to attend and donations will be accepted.

Embracing their God-given artistic talents, the 5DD performers have crafted an inspiring show full of oriental influences, thunderous action, modern sounds and electric effects to depict a core message of the human condition, of sin, love, redemption and salvation. The dynamic production is set in an ancient kingdom ruled by a wise and generous king – betrayed but benevolent, the lord of the realm allows the redemption of the fallen through the trials and tasks of his devoted son, who quests after the five beasts that inspire the story’s name to save his condemned love, surmounting a litany of temptations, obstacles and vicious foes along the way.

An original idea conceived in 2010 by songwriter and artist Matt Black, 15 East Texas musicians and artists incorporate multiple mediums to tell a story that can be enjoyed, understood and pondered by patrons of any age.

“The story begins, basically, with the Fall. How would you portray that in a love story? Through Christ’s redemption,” Black explains. “It’s a fairy tale, but it’s one that is based on truth. Just like fairy tales depict real moral lessons and history, this shows the reality of Christ’s love and saving grace. It uses storytelling to portray those things that are on His heart.”

The eclectic, feature-length show includes more than 400 projected illustrations, interpretative dances and other elements accompanied by narration and 12 original songs in a variety of styles, from rock, hip-hop and bluegrass to classical, reggae and soaring ballads.

Each song is also illustrated by a painting or sculpture created especially for this weekend’s events and available for purchase through silent auction.

“It’s an interesting combination,” says lead guitarist David Wolff. “I think there’s something for almost everybody that comes to the show. You will not be bored. The music goes through so many movements. Hopefully, it conveys more of the emotion, gives the story more power.

“The lyrics and the overarching story are packed with meaning.”

An excellent ministry opportunity, those familiar with the Christian salvation message will appreciate the allegory of ‘The 5 Dragon Daughter,’ best able to understand its underlying themes and truths,’ while those new to the story of Christ will enjoy the art, music, action and romance of an entertaining story while prompted, perhaps, to further investigate and come to understand the truths behind it.

To reserve tickets or learn more about the engaging, complex show, visit Trailers can be viewed on the 5DD Web site or through YouTube: a 30-second promo spot ( or an extended, behind-the-scenes glimpse (