“I’ve seen every Irish dancing program since 2003 and this is my favorite,” said Helen Clark at the Lutcher Theater’s presentation of “Rhythm of the Dance.”

It was a nice balance between all three aspects of the program: the step dancers; a six piece band consisting of the harp, flute, fiddle, guitar, Irish uilleann pipes and the concertina; and three tenors.

The beautiful Celtic knot work on the backdrops and the music brought me back to my SCA days.

I don’t think my foot stopped tapping the entire show. It made me want to do a little folk dancing

When the possibility of this show came to the Lutcher about a month ago, Theater Director Jim Clark said his patrons would love it. From their reaction to each piece, that was evident and accurate. Thunderous applause greeted the end of each offering. The audience eagerly clapped to the music each time they were beckoned to do so by the performers.

I don’t know what the balcony looked like, but the orchestra was close to sold out, which is not bad considering the short time they had to sell the production.

It looked like Orange was happy to see a little green from the Emerald Isle before St. Paddy’s Day.

If you missed the show, I’ve been told it will be on PBS on the 17th of March.

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