The sixth grade science class at St. Mary Catholic School studied about the rock cycle with their teacher, Daphne McIntire. The class learned about Gary Dahl, who began marketing pet rocks in 1976. Dahl’s project encouraged the students to create their own pet rocks, and hold a contest.

Contest winners were Max DiLeo, most scary; Jade Clark, cutest; Jerran Carlin, most original; and Thomas Nguyen, best overall.

Pictured in front, are from left: Elizabeth Doan, Joanna Henry, Taylor Watson, Megan Do, Jade Clark and Shelby Smith. Middle row: Joshua Erb, Cade Trahan, Krystal Lester, Brayden VanTassel, Nicholas Wilson and Thomas Nguyen. Third Row: Geordan Grant, Nate Gary, O’Shan Mitchell, Max DiLeo. Christian Guillory and Jaren Carlin.