The College Success Division at Lamar State College – Orange host trainings for area school districts each semester. Teachers at West Orange-Stark Elementary and Middle Schools are receiving Gifted and Talented Certification through the four session Gifted and Talented Institute.

Teachers are active in learning strategies, developing activities for differentiation and in project and problem based instruction for gifted and talented and high achieving students at their campuses. The Institute also includes a component that focuses on classroom implementation. The session held Feb. 27 was the “Gifted and Talented Brain and Critical Thinking.” Components of the day’s agenda included the brain and learning, brain food, gifted and talented brain activities, and critical and complex thinking.  The instructor for the training sessions is LSC-O’s Dorraine Babcock.

If any school district wants specialized training they should contact the College Success Division director, Brenda Mott, at 882-3053 or at