Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between Feb. 27 and March 5:

Feb. 27:
Found property, 205 Border St., Orange
Burglary of habitation (arrest), 205 Pleasant St., Vidor
Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 1750 Inland Rd./International Paper, Orange
Traffic arrest/possession of controlled substance, 1350 N. Main, Vidor
Medical/Assault, 5772 Woodland Dr., Orange
Assault, 14079 Lantana, Orange
Theft, 3453 Marguarite Dr., Orange
Disturbance, 7833 Big Oak St., Orange

Feb. 28:
Burglary of habitation/arrest, 1510 Terry Rd., Vidor
Theft, 8015 W. Ashford Park, Orange

March 1:
Disturbance/Public intoxication (arrest), 8379 Hwy. 87 N, Orange
Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, Hwy. 12/Williams Gas Drilling, Vidor
Reckless driving/intoxicated driver, 590 S. Lakeview Rd., Vidor
Theft, 205 Border St., Orange
Disturbance, 3310 Lawn Oak, Orange
Assault, 7099 Royal Oaks Cr., Orange

March 2:
Abandoned vehicle, Linscomb Rd., Orange
Domestic disturbance, 180 Nagel St., Vidor
Disturbance, 3306 linscomb Rd., Orange

March 3:
Disturbance, 165 N. Fisherman Rd., Vidor
Fire investigation, 6567 Woodridge Dr., Orange
Welfare concern, 5500 Old Hwy. 90/Autumn Oaks Cemetery, Orange
Domestic disturbance, 4580 Curtis St., Vidor
Suspicious circumstances, 6921 Bessie Heights Rd., Orange
Criminal mischief, 2714 FM 3247, Orange
Traffic, Hwy. 105,north of Pleasant, Vidor

March 4:
Burglary of motor vehicle, Main St. at IH-10/Exxon, Vidor
Public intoxication/assault, 205 Border St., Orange
Traffic stop/possession of synthetic marijuana, 100 Main St, Vidor
Welfare concern/disturbance, 1160 Butler Rd., Orange
Runaway, 5308 Broussard Cr., Orange
Criminal mischief, 11776 Hwy. 62/Dollar General, Mauriceville

March 5:
Burglary of motor vehicle, Hwy. 62 at Hwy. 12, Mauriceville
Fraud, 5305 Victory Ln., Bridge City
Traffic stop/possession of controlled substance, Hwy. 105 at Woodcock, Orange
Sexual assault, Maple St., Orange
Fraud, 205 Border St., Orange