A little something for everyone will be going on along the bank of the Sabine River in Orange County March 14 through March 17. The events include the Bassmaster’s Elite Series, the first of its kind for this area. ESPN will be here to cover the action for delayed broadcast. The events also include the Sabine River Challenge, a carnival, plenty of food, games, fireworks, a catch and release 6000 gallon fish tank for the youngsters, a laser light show, Art in the Park, always a favorite, vendor booths and a free concert featuring country artist Neal McCoy. This guy will knock your socks off. Not only a great entertainer, he works hard, has a great personality, loves people and likes to get in on the fun. Few acts have come to Orange that will match this show. Of course, the excitement is about the Pro-Bass Fishermen, it will be tough competition, with anglers eliminated each day. Only the best and luckiest will survive. The champion will receive a $100,000 prize. Excitement can be felt around town as pros and their rigs are spotted making the rounds. We ran into a few of the 102, Brit Myers, David Walker, Zell Roland, Paul Elias, Davey Hite, Mike McClelland, James Niggemeyer, Kurt Dove, Michael Simonton and also Shaw Grigsby, host of “One More Cast.” Mike Iaconelli, Ish Monroe, John Murray, and John Crews. I understand Chris Berman, from ESPN, came in this week. These guys and their fellow pro-fishermen will put Orange County on the map nationwide. These guys come from all over the United States and Canada. No Boudreaux and Thibodeaux in the bunch. Us Cajuns will just watch the action. Call your cousins and kinfolks. If they are planning to visit now is the time. There will be plenty to do even at Shangri La. Our compliments to the volunteers and everyone involved in making this one of our biggest weekends ever. On a personal note, I know my friend Shirley Zimerman, who works for Bobby, will rejoice when it’s said and done and everyone had a lot of fun. Despite being over stretched and worn, she’s taking it all in stride.*****Gotta move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Our sincere sympathies go out to Donna and Dr. Wesley Palmer and their family on the death of their daughter, Sara Kaitlin (Katy), who loss her life when hit by a hit-and-run driver in her apartment building parking lot on March 8. Katy was a beautiful young lady, only 21 years of age. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday, March 14, at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Bridge City. A visitation will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. People who don’t have children often say that parents and grandparents worry too much about their offspring. Katy’s sudden unexpected death is a reason why parents fear such an awful tragedy. This young, beautiful person had an entire life ahead of her and did nothing to cause the loss of her young life. I find it so sad. The Palmers are such fine people who loved their daughter and wished only the best for her. There are no words that can erase that hurt. Losing a child is the worse of tragedies. Dr. Palmer works every day to save lives. Our prayers are with them. Please see obituary.


We were sorry to hear of the death of Franklin Scales, 76, on March 10. Service will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 13, at Orangefield First Baptist Church. Our sincere condolences to his wife Sarah and family. We had known Franklin since 1960 when he would visit his uncle Cecil Scales used car lot. We remained friends through the years. Like Cecil, Franklin liked playing jokes on people and became famous for his electric charged car,  when he pushed a button, it gave his passengers a little charge. When they complained, he claimed he didn’t feel anything. He was just a fun loving guy who had a million Orangefield stories about the characters around the “Field” in his youth. He was an okay guy. May he rest in peace. See obituary.


Kree Harrison, 22, whose roots run deep in Orange County and the Triangle, has made it to the 10 finalist on American Idol. To advance she will have to rely on her talent, but that alone won’t keep her on the show and a shot at winning it all. The public voting is what determines the outcome. There is no doubt Kree has the talent but she is at a disadvantage when it comes to voter base. Southeast Texas doesn’t have the population enjoyed by some other contestants from larger and more populated areas. So every southeast Texas vote is important. Kree was born at St. Mary Hospital in Port Arthur, the same place Janis Joplin was born years earlier. Many Orange Countians were born in that hospital. Kree spent her first year of life in Groves, lived at Dam B most of her childhood, attended 8th grade at Bridge City, where she’s remembered by former classmates. She moved to Nashville at age 13 to live with her sister to pursue her dream. The Beaumont Enterprise and Channel 6 News have given Kree a fair share of publicity. I wish other area media would join in to promote this wonderful, very talented, young lady. Life has been difficult for her. She lost her dad in a plane crash and her mom, a Bridge City native, in an auto accident, when Kree was only a teenager. We spoke with her grandmother, Beverly Mire, who says she would deeply appreciate support for her granddaughter. “She won’t disappoint you,” Beverly added. Kree performs this week on American Idol. There are three ways to vote, phone, internet or FaceBook, to support one of our own. See related story.


14 Years Ago-1999

Spring break is in progress and kids are everywhere. Spring arrives next Sunday. The pear trees are in bloom, I’m hoping a frost doesn’t get them. Winter isn’t going till the pecan trees bud. Easter this year is April 4. ***** Meanwhile, Margie and Harry Stephens are in Lake Tahoe. ***** David and Linda Peck will renew their vows next Thursday. I guess Linda just wants to be darn sure David understands he’s married.*****Eddie Blakley, a 17-year employee first hired by John Dubose in the mail room, working his way up the ladder to be publisher of the Port Arthur News, was given just five days to clean out of the building when community newspapers bought the News and the Leader. (Editor’s note: I wonder where Eddie is today. He was a nice guy. He was replaced by Joe Ben Oller of Oklahoma. He’s also long gone.)*****Coach Rick Coulson, wife Sarah and the kids have sold their Bridge City home to move to Florence where Rick will be head football coach and AD. (Editor’s note: Sarah had a couple more children and  became a teacher. The Coulson’s son, Jake, who attended school in Bridge City, is now a coach at Hamshire-Fannett.*****Former Justice of the Peace Marlin Shelton was hired as a Right-of-Way agent for the Orange County Drainage District. Back in January he lost his JP seat and some friends found him a rockin’ chair job.*****Louisiana music legends to perform at Orange VFW. Local promoter, Tim Courville, is presenting the swamp pop legends, Lil Alfred, Charles Mann and Warren Storm in a concert and dance.  (Editor’s note: I believe Mann and Strom are still preforming.)*****City manager at Orange is Chuck Pinto; Mayor is Essie Bellfield.*****Pauline Hargrave is principal at LC-M High School.*****Richard Carder is the morning mouth of KOGT, plus he does his weekly “Let’s Go Fishing” show and he sells on the side. (Editor’s note: I don’t recall now when Richard had a stroke and left the radio. He had been on the air since he was a youngster in Port Arthur on KOLE with Baxter and Les Ledet. Today BBRC lives with his wife “Bear” in McLewis.)*****St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday. The Irish in the American Revolution made up , from one-third to one-half of the American troops, including 1,492 officers and 26 generals. Twelve of the men who gave up their lives at the Alamo were from Ireland. Dick Dowling is the Irish hero of southeast Texas. He and 47 Irish immigrants faced 5,000 Union troops on three ships at Sabine Pass and won.*****Johnny and Christie Breaux announced the engagement of their daughter Cassidy, a LCM grad, to Brendan J. Wells, a Bridge City grad. Wedding plans are for May 8 at Rose Hill Manor.

 55 Years Ago-1958

State Rep. Louis Dugas will be the main speaker at a convention for the fourth district Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.*****Three Stark seniors win merit awards: Jack D. Copeland, Carroll Shaddock and Mical Wood.*****Andrew Jackson was arrested in Memphis for robbing Delores Simian, cashier at First National Bank of Orange, on Jan. 23.*****The first woman ever to file for an office in a West Orange election, Mrs. E.W. Hammontree filed for the alderman’s post.*****Texas Lumber, a sawmill company in Mauriceville, burnt down. Damage is estimated at $150 thousand.*****County School Superintendent J.B. Peddy predicts an increase of 1,101 students. Next September will see 15,000 students county-wide.*****Little Cypress girls ousted by Waco in regional baskeball meet. “Pookie” Daughtry, despite a knee injury, sunk 17 points. Other stars were Francis Coward, Mary Brown and Mildred Teat.

 95 Years Ago-1918

Miss Allie Bland, County School superintendent, announced that an appropriation of $500 has been allowed for School District 8. (Editor’s note: Running a school district for $500 a year doesn’t sound realistic does it?)*****American troops in France have fought their hottest skirmish of the war with the Germans. The “Doughboys” fought until their guns ceased firing and then used their fists on the invaders until their sector was free. The fighting of the Doughboys is a glow of pride to Army men stationed everywhere. (Editor‘s note: Roy Dunn‘s father, Clay, was one of them.)*****A strong committee headed by President W.H. Stark contests a plan by Beaumont to dam the Sabine River.*****National shipbuilding of Orange launches the “War Mystery,” the largest wooden steamer ever built. Over 300 men helped build the boat.*****American citizens are asked to deny themselves meat, (beef and pork), one day a week on Tuesday. Wheat is also restricted because of the war in Europe.


Rod Sheppard, Amy Peevey, Kyle Dubose, Jean Braus, John Collin Kimbrow, Lindsey Bland, Claude Tarver, Lana Sepulvado, Jill Peveto, John Brister, Martha Williams, Anthony Fraccastoro, Bud Briggs, Gene Harper, Dick Powell, Dusty Jennings, Jennifer Kelly, Julie Myers, Addie Batson, Amber Doiron, Stevee Kidwell, Buffy Doiron, Jordan Doiron, Karli Anderson, Leslie Paula Robinson, Dorothy Morris, Margie Baker, Cody Edwards, Brenda Swan, Ernie Edwards, John Tallant, Martha Dyer Howell, Luke McFarlane, Sally Wingard, Stephanie Hughes, Tiffany Moreau, Ty Moreland, Elroy Edwards, Josh Sims, Geraldine Cherry, Beth Shepherd, Corky Harmon, Tammy Stark, Christin Wright, Courtnie Campbell, Deborah Miller, Roman Carpenter, Hannah Walles, Brandy Mayo and Donna Fong.


We were sorry to hear that Mildred Lemoine is very ill and is in Methodist Hospital in Houston. Folks are taking turns checking in on Louis. Mildred is Judge Janice Menard’s sister. Our prayers are with her.*****Also, our longtime friend Don Harmon is having health issues. He turned to his high school classmate, Dr. Jimmy Howell, in Houston, to walk him through a thorough examination. Dr. Howell and Don graduated from Stark in 1950.*****We hear our friend Quincy Procell had surgery in Houston, Tuesday morning. Best wishes. *****A bank merger announced last week between Beaumont based Community Bank and Houston based Vista Bank will put 35 branches and more than $2.3 billion in assets under one ownership. Uncle Walter Umphrey will still be the big dog. The banks will carry the Community Bank of Texas name. The Community Bank name and birth started right here in Orange by Carlos, Glenn and others, who sold out to Walter and he grew it. As far as I know, Bridge City native Mike Hatton is still one of Walter’s top guns, A great guy we haven’t heard from in a long time. *****Plans are in the works for H.E.B. to build a large size supermarket in the Orange area, away from their present 16th St. location. A great spot would be the old Sears Building location on McArthur. I hear they may also be looking at a spot on 87 South at Hwy. 105.*****Another comet is coming that is visible to the naked eye but will definitely miss us. Sky watchers are getting an extra treat this week as a comet passes near earth. It will be visible on the horizon in the west for about an hour after sunset. It has been visible in the southern hemisphere for several weeks and is just becoming visible here. It should be visible through the end of the week then grow fainter as it moves away from the sun.*****Why the Shamrock? The Shamrock is more than a lucky charm symbol when connected with St. Patrick. Legend has it that Patrick used the Shamrock to describe the Holy Trinity to the Irish. He explained that just as a Shamrock has three leaves that grow together from one stem, God is also three divine people; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.*****A few folks celebrating their special day this week. March 13, former Bridge City coach Claude Tarver will celebrate. Remember him? East Texas called him home and he hasn’t been heard of since leaving a successful program at Bridge City. ***Jill Peveto celebrates another year on March 14. ***On March 15, Julie Myers has a big day. We haven’t heard of her lately either.***On March 16, Buffy and Jordan Doiron celebrate. Amber Doiron celebrates a day earlier.***March 17, St. Patrick’s Day birthdays are Josh Sims, Ty Moreland, Elroy Edwards, Stephanie Hughes, Sally Wingard, Tiffany Moreau, John Tallant, Brenda Swan, Ernie Edwards and Luke McFarlane. A Shamrock goes out to each of you.***March 18, is an important day for a great friend of nearly 60 years. Everyone’s friend Corky Harmon turns 85. Hard to believe. Anyone would like to be as spry at his age. Betty won’t let him get old. He works six days at the car lot and his day off for Betty. Best wishes for many more healthy years.***On March 19, one of Sammy’s boys, Roman Carpenter, hits middle age. Happy birthday to all. See complete birthday list.*****Capital One Bank in downtown Orange (the glass bank) will be shutting down April 19. The bank on Highway 87, near Northway will remain open.*****Don’t forget the St. Joseph Alter at St. Mary Church, Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, 11:30 p.m.*****We ran into Gene Brown a few weeks ago. He’s a loyal reader of “The Record.” Gene is a relative of the Dunns from Mauriceville. The late King Dunn’s mother was a Brown. We dedicate this weeks Cajun story to Gene.*****Thanks also to Mr. Fountain, we didn’t get his first name, for the kind words about our publication. He says his highlight of the week is on Wednesday when “The Record” arrives on his lawn. He reads it cover to cover and we thank him for his loyalty.*****Big Oil plays with gas prices at the pump. Last week I paid $3.57 a gallon, this week $3.37. Why the 20 cent drop? Crude oil prices have remained the same. They would still make a good profit at $2.95. Don’t ever believe Big Oil doesn’t communicate on a price range.*****Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget will never pass. He wants to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly by destroying Medicare.*****The GOP political pacs are already spending money on negative ads against Ashley Judd in Kentucky and she hasn’t even announced that she will run against “liver lips” Mitch McConnell. Polls in Kentucky show Mitch only four points ahead of Ashley, 47-43. They are afraid. Ashley is a native, attended school in Kentucky, and is just the opposite of Mitch. She’s a strong advocate for women’s rights. She will out Kentucky Mitch. Karl Rove and his pac, who has already spent over a million dollars, knows it.*****Christine Quinn, an openly gay woman, is favored to become the first female mayor of New York.*****Who doesn’t love Patsy Kemp? She loves community service of any kind so when she received one of these new jury service notices, where you go online to fill out the questionnaire, and pick a date, she adopted to this new technology and get-r-done. She showed up bright and early in the morning more than willing to serve her county as a juror, but they couldn’t find her on their list. She asked why and they said, “Because she checked that she was a felon.” Everyone got a huge laugh out of that when Patsy exclaimed, “I’ve never even been accused of such a thing.” You gotta love all this new technology but beware of where you rest your cursor.


Joe Thibodeaux was in da back seat of a cab driven by Oris Comeaux when he tapped Comeaux on da shoulder to axe him sumptin. Comeaux him, he let out a bloody scream dat would curl da hair on da back of your neck. He lost control of da cab, nearly hit a bus, drove over da curb and stopped jus inches from a large glass plate window. For a few moments dere everyting was silent in da cab. Comeaux him, was still shaking, den Comeaux said, “Look Thib, don’t never do dat again man, you done scare da poo-poo out of me.”

Thibodeaux was scared him too. He apologized and said he didn’t know dat a tap on da shoulder could scare him so bad. 

Comeaux say, “Mais, I’m sorry Thib, it don’t be you fault no. You see Thib, today is my first day to drive da cab, me I’ve been drivin a hearse every day for da last 25 years.”


The world waits for the white smoke, and the selection of a new Pope. The conclave to select the new Pope began Tuesday. One ballot was cast Tuesday evening, local time, and four will be cast on Wednesday. The 115 Cardinals will select a leader for the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. The winner will need two thirds or 77 of the 115 votes. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will be at Robert’s this week to dine, regardless if a Pope Is selected or not. Next week, is back to Novrozsky’s. Everyone is always welcome to break bread and fellowship, 12 noon. *****My time is up. I certainly appreciate yours. Be sure to check out the great bargains by our family of advertisers throughout these pages. Tell them we sent you, that’s usually good for a little extra lagniappe. Thank them for sponsoring this publication free to you each week. Have a nice week, take heart; spring begins next Wednesday, March 20. Take care and God bless.