Commissioners approved entering into a lease agreement with Southeast Texas Air Rescue to cover the fund match for the TxDOT Aviation Grant for the construction of the 80’x80’ box hanger at the Orange County Airport. Southeast Texas Air Rescue will be using the hanger, once constructed, as a repair and maintenance facility. Currently their repair facility is based in Silsbee and is too small. They will supply $40,000 up front to cover the county’s share of the grant.

Once the construction is completed and SETX Air Rescue is moved in, they will be credited for rent at the rate of $1,000 a month for 40 months, after which time they will pay the county $1,000 a month.

The contract is only valid upon grant approval from TxDOT.

A new septic system, water well and small office space in the hanger is eligible for Ramp Grant funds.

Jeff Kelley gave an update on the Orange County Convention and Expo Center. The larger kitchen is complete; a few items still need to be hooked up in the smaller warming kitchen. Outside clean-up and off-site seeding has been completed. Final polishing and patching is underway. The ceiling tiles still have not been installed because of data cable instillation, but it is expected to be complete in 4-6 weeks.

Patrick Beebe was authorized to hire seasonal drivers in preparation of the coming mosquito season.

Donna Scales was authorized to hire a part-time parks employee.

Jody Crump was appointed as the representative from Orange County to entertain discussions with adjoining counties for the development of a petition to Texas Transportation Commission for the creation of a Regional Mobility Authority.

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