The staff of Bridge City Elementary recently had an extraordinary way of raising money for the American Cancer Society which involved a pig and ruby red lips.

Jars were set out in the school for a week with the contestants pictures on them. The contestant’s jar which collecte the most money would win the prize of kissing the large, hairy, black pig.

The actual kissing of the pig recently took place one morning in front of the staff and students. The top two contestants were so close in the amount of money collected, with only $6.70 between them, it was decided they would both kiss the pig. Ann Cupp, school counselor and Kelly McBride, principal, were outfitted with a sash and crown. But, the pig kissing would not take place until they had the finishing touch of bright red lipstick applied to their lips.

The crowd cheered them on as they put their lips on the big hairy beast, but after all, it was for a worthy cause.

Pictured above: Kelly McBride, principal, and Ann Cupp, school counselor, of Bridge City Elementary win the honor of kissing a pig  in an effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 

 Kelly McBride, plants a kiss on the pig to raise money for the American Cancer Society.