Clint Ray has always wanted to write a novel. Last October, he published his first book, “Love, Finally.”

It’s a romance written from a man’s perspective. “The idea came to me and I just went with it,” he said.

As a woman, it felt slightly “off” or skewed. It is just a matter of the way men and women view things differently. The old “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” point of view.

The primary readers of romance novels are women. This could be a primer for women on how men view love. It will give them the opportunity to learn a little “Martian.”

“I’ve gotten a lot of good comments and reviews from women saying they wanted to see it from a guy’s point of view, and they enjoyed that aspect of it.”

Ray is a good storyteller.

The synopsis from the back of the book states: “Cash Collins has a life most guys would envy: a successful career, money in the bank and a high-rise apartment with a glamorous view of New York City. His good looks, quick wit and smooth tongue attract women like bees to honey- until a one-night stand prompts him to reevaluate everything and realize how empty his life is.

“With the goal of finding a woman to love, Cash vows to change his ways. Just as he bids a final farewell to his playboy lifestyle, Cash encounters Marie Daniels, a stunning brunette from Texas-who also happens to be married.

“Despite his promise to himself and her commitment to her husband, Cash and Marie are immediately drawn to each other. As both of them fight their feelings and attempt to move on with their lives, neither has any idea that Cash is about to receive devastating news that will change everything.”

Ray received a call Tuesday from a publisher wanting to pitch his book to producers for a possible made for TV movie.

With his first book under his belt, Ray is working on his second, “The Reason.” He expects to be finished with it sometime this summer. Ray said it could be considered romance, but it goes a totally different way. It will also be based in New York.

In “The Reason,” wealthy men hire him to be the means to break prenuptial agreements when they want to divorce their wives. “Usually they can’t get out of them unless they are caught cheating or something,” Ray said. Wooing women into compromising positions is the name of the game; till he finds the one and no longer wants to play.

When Ray completed “Love, Finally” he researched different methods of publication and had some offers from small publishers, but decided to go the self-published route because of the royalties and he retained all rights.

“Love, Finally” can be ordered online from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Books-a-Million in print and e-book formats.

Ray has a fan page on Facebook and hopes to have a local book signing in the near future.

Clint Ray from Bridge City recently published his first novel, “Love, Finally.”

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