Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between March 22, 23, 24, and the morning of March 25:

Warrant service, 16th St. and Chapman
Warrant service, 15th St. and Barkins
Warrant service, Norwood and Cross
Armed robbery, 3651 Ridgemont Dr.
Warrant service, 14 Circle E
Traffic accident, 16th St. and Green
Traffic accident, MLK and Hwy. 87
Burglar alarm, 315 Bridal Wreath
Possession of marijuana, 1412 Hart
Assault/Family violence, 5700 Velma Jeter
Possession of cocaine, S. Hwy. 87 and OC Airport
Warrant service, Cordrey and 16th St.
Warrant service, 2206 Summer Oak
Damaged property, 3819 Meeks
Warrant service, 1509 Georgia
Public intoxication, 4212 27th St.
Damaged property, 1900 Maple Ave.
Public intoxication, 10th and Cordrey
Damaged property, 1931 Robin
Traffic accident, 4200 block FM 105
Traffic accident, 7800 block Hwy. 87 N.
Damaged property, 4902 Old Oak Dr.
Damaged property, 4015 Beverly
Damaged property, 4415 Glenhurst
Damaged property, 3800 Beverly
Damaged property, 4707 Zurich
Mental subject, 3600 Kenwood
Traffic accident, 10th and Green
Traffic accident, Hwy. 87 at Medford
Warrant service, 2900 MacArthur
Lost property, 1513 Brandy Ln.
Traffic accident, 2nd and Burton
Burglary, 1411 Main
Warrant service, 2400 16th St.
Traffic accident, Park at 2nd St.
Weapons offense/possession of synthetic narcotic, 505 Pier Rd.