Well, it’s come on Easter week. Come Sunday, 40 days of Lent would have flown by, Christy will be able to eat candy again and everyone else who gave up something for Lent will be able to indulge again. The annual Easter cold snap came in a few days early but the wind will move to the south Thursday, after that, with the full moon arriving, it will be just the right time to get a garden planted. If you are a Catholic, you’ll have to wait until Saturday to plant. Old time Catholics don’t dig in the dirt on Good Friday. Maybe today it’s changed. So many things have since I was a boy. Grandma would forbid us to dig on Good Friday and best I recall it had something to do with the Blood of Jesus. I’ll have to ask Anna Bell Rost about that. She is Cajun raised and knows all about that old stuff and Cajun customs. I always look forward to an Easter basket. I don’t always get one but I look forward to it. At least one boiled egg, one chocolate rabbit and maybe a few little yellow peeps in the basket or even a decorated shoe box is all I ask. I hope the Easter bunny comes by your place and deposits a little something. Sunday is a big church day. Many will attend only on Easter Sunday; others go to church on Good Friday. Many places will shut down Friday, most banks, not all, all government buildings and schools. This Holy Week is a good time to review the religious roots that would make your mother proud.*****I’ve got to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Three years after the Affordable Care Act came into effect, it is improving private health insurance coverage and making it more accessible, it’s also strengthening Medicare and slowing the rising medical costs. According to the non-partisan congressional budget office, projected federal spending on Medicare and Medicaid in 2020 is down 15 percent or $200 billion. That‘s making real progress. The main elements of the law do not kick in until Jan. 1, 2014, when many millions of uninsured people gain coverage. It has already thrown a lifeline to young adults and people with chronic health problems. Last June the U.S. supreme Court gave states permission to opt out of the Medicaid expansion. Fourteen governors have declared that they will not participate. Eleven more are on the fence. More than five million Americans could still be without health coverage in 2014 if Texas does not participate, a move pushed by Gov. Rick Perry. States have a strong incentive to take part. The federal government is committed to pay the full freight for the first three years and 90 percent thereafter. Taxpayers in states like Texas that refuse the money end up supporting other states without reaping any benefits for their own residents. The battle over health care is far from over, yet it’s the nation’s greatest expansion of the medical safety net since Medicare. To refuse its benefits, or continue efforts to repeal ObamaCare, is strictly political and at the deferment of U.S. citizens.


Kree Harrison, with strong ties to our area, performs Wednesday evening on FOX. She is already in the top final eight. One contestant is eliminated each Thursday. The Wednesday performance is judged by the public with their votes. “U.S. A. Today” says Kree, who is one of the top talents on the show, may be at a disadvantage as she gets closer to the top because of a smaller voter base. An example of that is Tuesday’s Houston Chronicle that featured a two page lay out on contestant Amber Holcomb, an 18 year old from Spring, TX, located near Houston. Amber was picked eighth last week, Kree came in second. However, the large Houston base of voters plus the backing of a 700,000 circulated newspaper and Houston television audiences can benefit a contestant in large metro areas. Kree must overcome that with talent and by voters who judge on the merits, also what base support she picks up from Southeast Texas. Your vote matters. Please vote for Kree.


15 Years Ago-1998

On April 1, Sam Lucia, a native of Orange and graduate of St. Mary High School, returns to the area as new superintendent of the Bridge City School District. Since 1995 Lucia has been superintendent at the Palestine School District. He and wife Judy will live with his mother while searching for a home. Judy is also a native, and her parents still live in Roselawn. Her sister is county clerk, Karen Jo Vance. *****This coming weekend Snappy’s in B.C. will hold its grand opening. (Editor’s note: Glenda, I can’t believe it, we were 15 years younger and full of pep.)*****J.P. Thibodeaux, a Bridge City native who owns several auto dealerships in Louisiana, has purchased the Austin-Lee dealership on IH-10 in Orange. Clay Higgins will be general manager. (Editor’s note: J.P. has since died, as has his brothers Lloyd and Gordon, who were raised in Bridge City. Bennis Lee was owner of Austin Lee when it sold.)*****Orange County is looking for a county engineer to replace Pete McKinney. *****Last Saturday, Marialeice Colletti became Mrs. Lester Saucier. *****Friday night, 20/20 will run a feature on the new “resurrection pill.” called Viagra. Everyone is talking about it. Older married women are said to oppose it. (Editor’s note: It’s been 15 years since the “Blue” pill, and the percentage of old men charged with rape hasn’t gone up.)*****Vickie Edgerly, democratic nominee for district clerk, thanks her supporters. *****Inez Hearn, former Bridge City resident, has been named ‘Senior Citizen Worker of the Year’ in Louisiana. She received a plaque and roses from Gov. Foster but she didn’t make the ceremony, she was too busy working. Inez, 79, soon to be 80, is retired from Montgomery Ward after 25 years. She runs a route feeding the elderly. Recently she totaled her car, got another one and saw to it that the old folks got lunch, milk and juice. (Editor’s note: Today, Nez is 94, going on 95 and lives in Bridge City. Janice Overman is her daughter and Ray Hearn her son. She’s one of a kind. I’m glad the Lord put me and Nez down in the same place and gave me the privilege to know her and be her friend.)***** Terri Gauthier and the staff of Total Impressions are excited about the grand opening of Grace Plaza. The ribbon cutting is April 3.*****Jacey Marie Walker celebrated her first birthday March 22.***Zara Killman turned three March 24.***Kaley Patnaude celebrates her eighth birthday March 27. (Editor’s note: Just add 15 years girls. I hope life is good.)*****Voting made easy. You can cast your vote at Wal-Mart. (Editor’s note: In 1998, every effort was made to make voting easy and assessable. Today, around the country, groups are attempting to suppress the vote by making it harder for minorities to vote.)

 35 Years Ago-1978

George Easterling has moved to the country (Mauriceville) from Bridge City. Son Roger is teaching school in Houston. Son Ben is a backfield football coach at Ball High in Galveston. His daughter Becky and her husband make their home in Corpus Christi. They’re all expected to come home to Mom and Dad’s for Easter.*****Joe Kazmar moved to a new house this weekend.*****The Doug Harringtons are vacationing in Colorado. Dick Bevins claims that’s why things are quiet in BC.*****Birthday wishes to Skipper Nance who is 30 this week. Also Janet Hall is four on March 28. Gail Rogers notches another year on March 29.*****David and Debbie Fusilier became parents of a baby girl on Monday.******Gordon Harvey is mayor of Bridge City.*****Bill Forte is manager of KOGT.*****”Airport 77: and “Silver Streak” are showing on Liberty Cable Showtime. James Stewart stars in one and Gene Wilder in the other.*****Sandy Sanford announces for West Orange-Cove School Board.*****Mike Feagan and Daryll Petry are motorcycle racers.*****Tommy Humphrey catches a 7 pound, 14 ounce bass.*****Deanna Linscomb is manager of the month at Sak-N-Pak #13 on Hwy. 87.*****C.W. Holt is pastor of the West Orange Assembly of God.*****A few CB handles floating around on the airwaves are, Undertaker, Window Buster, Gabby, Lonely Lady, Warrior, Good Times Express, Texas Viking, Lady Porky Pig and Texas Lady.

 40 Years Ago-1973

Elizabeth Black is 92 years old and happiest when she is busy working in the soil. She keeps up the flower beds at Green Acres Nursing Home.*****Orange Bank is headquarters for Astros’ tickets.*****Miss Kathleen Cook is Orange Public Librarian.*****Rain, rain, go away. Little Johnny is worn out from playing in the mud.*****Charlie Warner plays baseball for BC High.*****Fred Bailey has a large magnet on a rope to find keys lost in the lake. Last weekend he retrieved Phyllis Dunn’s keys.*****The Cecil Wingate family has a house fire.*****Grover Halliburton is recovering, getting stronger after a heart attack.*****Ace Amodeo, after being away for nine years, is back on the bowling circuit.*****Jim Backus is planning a tour of seven countries; he leaves June 7.*****El Matador Barber and Style Shop features Lewis Gay, Jim Dugas and B. David.*****Ralph Smith solicits your vote for BC Council.*****Jack Brooks Sr. is a candidate for Pinehurst Council.*****Joe Kazmar picks the West Orange Chiefs to win the 10-AAA baseball championship. On the team are Danny Longmier, Ray Pousson and Paul Richardson.*****Kyle’s Fashions is located at Northway Shopping Center.


Lou Hillard, Christine “Chrissy” Wright, Margie Babineaux, Nancy Crew, Jordan Harper, Ruth Platt, Sarah Coffey, Dale Forse, Jane Scherer, Billy LeLeux, Mike Roberts, Rayford Spurgeon, Jennifer Kreamer, Dorothy Keith, Jean Jackson, Lindsey Peoples, Rob Butler, Steve Holland, Garrett Gros, Annely Domas, Jason James, Katie May, Kaydee Wingate, Robert Clark Jr., Julie Norwood, Ivalyn Anderson, Julie Walker, Kate Ferguson, Karen Bergeron, Rhonda Ritter-Fenton, Lisa Smith, Terry Stuebing, Cliff Brookshire, Terry Seal, Sandra Jones, Malori Walton, Dana Myers, Danny Carter, Randy Wappler, Hunter Wilson, Mary Lejeune, Matthew Cooper, Rebecca Hunter, Carolyn Whittaker, Tracie Ray, Elizabeth Weir, Pam Savoy, James Williams, Steve Adams, Allison Asbury, Angie Sellers, James “Mack” McDonald, Barbara Riddick, Vickie Foreman, Dalica Marie Bienivides , Ed Whitrock, Jason Vincent, Kellie Fontenot, Kent Pierce, Norma Free, Margaret Richter, Michael McAllister, Mikayla Kohn, Nevella Toal, Sawyer Hogan and Arline Dodge.


On Easter Sunday, March 28, 1948, a crowd of 4,675 visitors turned out for an Easter open house at Shangri La. The Stark family, on special occasions, would open the grounds, then at some time, I believe around 1950, it shut down for good until it was re-opened by the Stark Foundation. Today, it is the crown jewel of Orange.*****Florida Gulf Coast is the first 15 seed to reach Sweet 16. The Eagles made history with a NCAA Regional semi-finals 81-71 victory against No. 7 San Diego State. Their next chance will be Friday against No. 3 Florida at Cowboy Stadium.*****I hear our buddy Quincy Procell was due to have surgery this Tuesday in Houston. I haven‘t heard a report. Meanwhile, Don Harmon is still at Methodist in Houston. He‘s had hernia surgery and pens put in his leg. A schedule is being worked out to start treatments on tumors in his head and kidney. So far everything is going good. Our prayers are with these two fine guys.*****Brandy, overloaded with civic duties, is back at work at David Self Ford. David and Ross have really been dealing on new and pre-owned cars. There is no need to shop out of town, they have the best deals around, plus local service. Try them first.*****The George W. Bush Presidential Center at SMU will hold a ribbon cutting April 25. It will open to the public May 1. The 24 acre site has a 226,560 sq. foot center and 15 acre park and a beautiful Texas rose garden, a version of the White House rose garden. SMU is the Alma Mater of first lady Laura Bush.  I‘m not sure if VP Dick Cheney is invited to the ribbon cutting.*****A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On March 27, Billy “The Mailman” Leleux, is a year older. He’s still a kick. Everyone likes Billy and Billy likes playing a mailman.***Also celebrating on March 27, is Ruth Platt, Dale Forse, Lou Hillard and Sarah Coffey.***March 28 is the special day for Garrett Gros, Phyl and Roy’s oldest grandson, who celebrates his number 28. By the way, he’s “Scooters” daddy and Karen Dunn Gros’ oldest.***Also celebrating this day are Mike Roberts, Rayford Spurgeon, Jean Jackson and Steve Hollard.***March 29 is the day the late Rev. Leo Anderson’s widow, Ivalyn Anderson, has a birthday. We have lost track of Ms. Ivalyn since the Rev. died. She was in poor health at the time. I suspect she’s in a nursing home.***Al Granger also celebrates on Good Friday, March 29. If he thinks about it he will probably have a Good Friday sale to celebrate.***On March 30, Karen Bergeron, who happens to be a cousin of pretty Brandy Slaughter, is a year older.***Also getting older is former Bridge City High principle and longtime educator Terry Stuebing.***As I recall, March 30 is  also the date my friend “Red” Garrett died in 2010.  ***Easter Sunday, March 31, finds Dana Myers and Danny Carter celebrating.***April 1. Born on April Fool’s Day, or All Fool’s Day, take your choice, are Pam Savoy, Tracie Ray, Steve Adams, Elizabeth Weir, Angie Sellers, Allison Asbusy and James Williams. Happy “Fool’s Day” to you all.***Happy birthday on April 2 to Margaret Richter, Mack McDonald, Barbara Riddick, Ed Whitrock, Nevella Toal, Norma Free and Arlene Dodge. Best wishes to all. Please see complete list.*****A decade ago the Dixie Chicks were selling millions of records then one night in London, they said they were ashamed that President Geo. Bush was from Texas. They were banished from country music. The April issue of Texas Monthly has a long feature story on the rise and fall of the Chicks. Sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison, on fiddle and banjo, and singer Natalie Maines were the hottest country act until that fateful day. Toby Keith started flashing a photoshopped image of Natalie hugging Saddam Hussein on a screen above the stage when he played “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” in concerts. He helped kill them off. It was the tongue in cheek statement in London that did them in. They became the darlings of the anti-war crowd. Rush Limbaugh and the FOX News crowd worked to distroy them. They played eight dates with James Taylor, REM and Bruce Springsteenn but the radical right wouldn’t let them survive. It’s an interesting story written by John Spong.*****Peggy and Richard have started their expansion project at “Peggy’s on the Bayou.” However, they now are featuring a new “Crawfish Platter,” crawfish prepared several ways. Folks are bragging about it. Always good eating at Peggy’s. Closed on Easter Sunday.*****”The Voice” (musical chairs) returned Monday and Tuesday night for season four. The coaching panel has changed but country super star Blake Shelton and Grammy winner Adam Levine remain. Two new coaches have been added. Multi-platinum selling Grammy winners Shakira and Usher bring a different prospective to the show. They replace Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green and his cat. It’s a good show, highlighting great talent from around the country. How the panel meshes is key to the success of the Voice. My guess is good talent, with strong personalities as coaches, will keep the Voice a show to watch.*****One thing to remember is that anyone who serves in government has a strong sense of history. They want to be on the right side of it. For that reason, I believe the Robert’s Supreme Court, in their decision, will fall on the side of same sex marriage. Just a guess. Divorces with children involved, especially involving two males will be quite interesting.


Joe Gillbeaux’s boy, Ned, wat is not too sharp in da head, is in his turd years as a LS&U freshman. While sitting in his U.S. Government class, his professor axed Ned if he knew wat Roe vs. Wade was about. 

Gillbeaux’s boy pondered da question, talking to himself he repeated “Roe vs. Wade.” Finally he said, “Prof, I got it me, dat was da decision George Washington him had to make before he crossed da Delaware.”


We can’t complain about the beautiful days we’ve had. The north and northeast, as I write this, are under snow and freezing weather. We are so fortunate to live here in God’s country. Think about all of our natural resources and mild winters. Every few years a hurricane comes along but most other places also have disasters, floods, tornados, fires, etc.*****Please look us over and shop our family of advertisers when you can. The dollars you spend at home multiplies several times. Tell them we sent you. If you know a business not advertising with us, suggest to them that they should be. No other media reaches more Orange Countians. It’s the best read publications in our trade area. Read us cover to cover and also check us out on our Web site TheRecordLive.com. Don’t miss Capt. Dickie Colburn and Capt. Chuck Uzzle’s fishing reports. Also, Ms. Pearl has a poem this week. Thanks for your time. Take care and have a blessed Easter.