On Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23, 40 students from the Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy in Bridge City, participated in the 2013 Tiger Rock Spring National Tournament in The Woodlands.  The students competed against 551 students from Tiger Rock Academies across Texas.
Students competed in Traditional Forms Competition, Competition Sparring, Counter Aggression Skills, Agility Course, Board Breaking and
Free Design Forms competition both traditional and extreme, and single and team.  The students competed in rank and age categories, as well as open competitions. The results of the competitors from were as follows :
Samuel VanSlyke – first place, forms, and third place, agility; Gary Thibodeaux – first place, sparring;
Matthew Rainey – first place, sparring, first in board breaking, second, forms; Tim Dinger – second, sparring; Aaron Thibodeaux -third, sparring;
Logan Owens – second, board breaking; Araceli Vega – third, counter aggression skills; Kearsten Temple – second, board breaking, third, forms,
and third, free design; Jasmin Vega – first, agility course; Jessica Tingler – second, board breaking; Jayden Gonzales – third, sparring; Aaron Jones – first, sparring.
Elyse Thibodeaux – second, free design forms; Xander Steele – second, agility course; Christian Skidmore – first, forms; Devyn Vanslyke – first, agility course; Marissa Waters and  Brynn Dinger – second, forms; Blake Jimenezand Gavin Briggs – third, sparring; Austin Taylor – third, sparring; Adam Cain – second, forms; Gama Ortiz – third, sparring; Jace Pevetoand Walker Swindell – second, sparring; Jace Domec – second, sparring, second, agility; Maigan Braus – first, agility; Victor Ortiz – third, forms.
Not pictured – Ondrya Mentz; Jaime Vega; Oceanna Rougeau; Rana Smith, and Rose Smith – first, one-steps, third, forms; Joseph Rougeau, and J.J. Rougeau – third, one-steps, third, agility course; Lance Cammack; Alex Nieto, and Jordan Janis – second, board breaking, and Stephen Wolfe.
Tiger Rock Martial Arts, and their students would like to thank our tournament sponsors, Bridge City TKD Booster Association, Scot Shaffer Insurance, and Boren Construction for their support of our academy and it’s members.
The students will be competing at the upcoming Tiger Rock World Championships, which will be held in New Orleans, in July.