Well, Easter came and yes I got everything I had looked forward to. I was surprised to learn that Peeps now come in many colors, mine were pink, that’s not right, Peeps should be yellow. My Peeps, since 1953, have always been yellow and should stay that way. A great big thanks to our friend Marlene Merritt, who brought us a two pound chocolate bunny we’ll be eating for quite a while.***** We got the garden in last Saturday. A good shower came Sunday that was just right. Now all we need is plenty of sunshine. Hopefully all the rain coming won’t wash the new plants away. *****Rene’ Hanks, the mayor of Starks’ stopped by. He and Lucy had been under the weather and looking forward to spring. He gave us the rundown on the family and Pattie and her tribe.*****I bet Asst. D.A. Mark Hasse’s killing, in Kaufman County, was an ordered hit. I recall when Charles Harrelson, Woody’s dad, was the hired hit man who killed a Federal Judge. The assistant D.A. in Kaufman County killed, then the D.A. and his wife, Mike and Cynthia McLelland,  being murdered are not  drive-by shootings.*****I watched the Astros beat the Texas Rangers 8-2 in the season opener. It was Houston’s first game in the American League after many years in the National League. I’ve been a National League fan since I was a boy catching every St. Louis game I could on radio.*****I have watched way too many basketball games lately, now at least we’re down to the Final Four.**** I’ve got to move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Harry Stephens, as a young man, pioneered a business that he named Harry’s Appliance. That was 50 years ago. Harry worked six days a week to grow his business. He never thought about the years, he enjoyed his business and serving his customers, and the first thing he knew, 50 years have gone by. For a small, independent business to survive that long, you have to do a lot of things right. Especially since large chain stores and big box stores came into the market. Harry based his business on good merchandise and servicing what he sold. Harry sells only American made products and he’s an expert technician who guarantees service. The chain stores send the customers appliances off for repair, often taking three weeks or more to get back. At Harry’s, you get one day service. Unlike the chain stores, he doesn’t charge delivery or to take away your old appliances. Harry, along with his wife Margie, work their business Monday though Saturday with little time for outdoor pleasure like fishing, golfing, etc. Any business that can survive and prosper this day and time is to be congratulated. Harry has a lot of repeat customers; many buy all their appliances from him. I’m one of them. I know I’m getting the best merchandise at a fair price, plus for over 40 years I haven’t been without an appliance. If it’s broken, Harry will fix it that day or let me have a loner until mine is repaired. These days, throughout the country, very few places offer what Harry has offered here in Orange County for 50 years. We are indeed fortunate and congratulate Harry’s Appliance for 50 years of dedication to his business and customers. “Yes, 50 years is a big deal.”


Kree Harrison is one of seven contestants remaining on American Idol. She performs Wednesday night, Voting results Thursday will determine if Kree is one of the final six. Even with her talent, Kree’s future is also determined by the voting public. She needs every vote from Southeast Texas, plus throughout the nation to stay in the hunt. Some businesses throughout the area are boosting Kree on their marquee. If Kree makes it through this week more businesses and chambers should join in the promotion. Former Bridge City Police Chief Wilson Roberts says his daughter Cathy would have been extremely proud of his granddaughter Kree’s accomplishment. Cathy had discovered a rare, national talent in her daughter Kree by the time she was three years old. Cathy, Wilson’s only daughter, was killed in an auto accident. Wilson says what’s so sad is that Kree had to grow up without her mom and also that Cathy isn’t here to share in her young daughter’s success. On a side note; I first met Wilson when he was 27 years old. Kree is only 22 but she has a strong resemblance to her grandfather when he was a young man. Kree looks a lot like her mom, and Cathy looked like her dad. We had known Cathy since she was a small child and she was a beautiful girl. Good luck to Kree, I know her mom is looking down on her. Remember, it is very important to vote for Kree to allow her to continue her journey to become the next American Idol.


10 Years Ago-2003

Temperatures dip down to 37 degrees Saturday, March 30. April is here and looks to be wet. Neighbor Cox plowed the sod and Ms. Virginia will sow the seeds and plants in the neighborhood garden. Here at the Creaux’s Nest, in Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood, it’s too cool this morning to sit out under the Hackberry tree. (Editor’s note: Only the Cox’s, Dr. Messer and Bill Nickum remain in the neighborhood. Ike ran us all off. Doug Harrington sold out and moved away, lawyer H.D. Pate gave up his building after Ike and has his office over at Dr. Messer’s. We had some great times there for over 20 years, now apartment buildings stand where the rabbits used to roam.)*****Judge Flo has been retired only three months but Gene says Flo has made him and Todd do 20 years of work. Flo says things were neglected for 20 years because they didn’t have a foreman. *****David Fusilier Jr., Debbie and David’s oldest is in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.*****Father Pat Turner, of St. Helen’s Catholic Church, died Sunday night March 30.*****A blood drive for Jimmy Dillon was held at Lamar Orange on April 2 and 3. (Editor’s note: Jimmy has had 10 fairly good years; he is now on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. What a great guy.)*****V.P. Dick Cheney said on Meet the Press, “The war in Iraq should be only weeks, rather than months. My belief is we will be greeted as liberators.”*****Luby’s in Orange shuts down. The closing came as a surprise. *****County Bank, in Orange, holds a grand opening under new ownership April 8, at 4 p.m. New officers are Carlos Vacek, president-CEO; Lin Bingham, V.P.; chief financial officer, Billy Burrow Jr.; senior VP, Mike Moreau; senior VP, Bryne Hurley. (Editor’s note: Since then, County Bank sold again. I believe the only one left there is Carlos, who works only part time. Uncle Walter now owns it and 18 more banks.) *****The Texas Longhorns are in the Final Four. Rick Barnes is coach. (Editor’s note: This basketball season no Texas team made it to March Madness.)*****Bridge City pitcher Derek Blacksher struck out 15 batters in an 11-7 win over Buna. Bridge City came from behind but Buna kept the pressure on. Coach Sam Moore said it was a battle. BC catcher, Ben Myers was 4 for 5 at the plate. Hunter Hayes was 3 for 5 and 4 RBI’s. The Cards remain undefeated. *****Glass AutoPlex is the Toyota, Pontiac, GMC, Buick and Cadillac dealer in Orange. A 2003 Toyota Corolla sells for $13,519; GMC 2003 Sierra 1500, 4 dr. $25,855; 2002 Pontiac Grand Am, $15,700; A new 2003 Cadillac CTS, $33,465. (Editor’s note: I don’t believe they make Pontiac anymore, also Orange no longer has a Cadillac or Lincoln dealer.)*****Jami Jackson and Shane Lanthier are new parents of Chiloe Maelynn Lanthier, born Nov. 18. Jami is Pattie Hanks’ youngest girl.

 40 Years Ago-1973

Judge Grover Halliburton is doing quite well after heart surgery. When asked how the attack felt, he said, “It’s like a big coon falling out of a tree and landing on your chest and every now and then biting you.”*****Ace Amodeo has come out of retirement after nine years of being away from the bowling circuit. Things aren’t so quite and peaceful any more around the Brown Bowling Lanes. *****A fire fund has been set up to help the Cecil Wingate family after their house burned. *****H.H. Houseman runs real estate advertisement for lots $1 down, $20 per month. Uncle Henry’s slogan is, “The working man’s friend.”*****Curtis Lee’s Texaco, at 1505 Texas Ave, Bridge City, is having a big Firestone tire sale. *****John H. Brooks is a candidate for councilman in Pinehurst. *****Kyles Fashion, located in Northway Center, features models Kathy Tandberg, Julie Bassinger, Shelly Bennett and Linda Howington.*****Donny Johnson, a 9-year-old evangelist, has a weekly Sunday morning program on KOGT.*****April Fontenot, Jimmy Segura and Bill Scott celebrate birthdays this week.*****Dr. Wynn Pearce tells Joe Molley, who is overweight, “You’re an addict and your grocer is a pusher.”*****Ed Bacon says he watches too much television. He said, “I can’t quite decide who’s the sillier, the TV shows or me watching them.”*****The Godfather wins the Academy Award for best picture of 1972. Marlon Brando refused to accept his Oscar for best actor. Lisa Minnelli wins for best actress for her performance in “Cabaret.”


Mahala McClanahan, Cindy Mitchell, Victor Hernandez, Walter Terry, Desirea Wilson, Eddie Asbury, Geoff Rendall, Lannie Claybar, Linda Currie, Alan Anderson, Hillary Benefield, James Wroten, Ed McCracken, Debbie Kendick, Hovel Chandler, Jason Ballard, Jeremy Simmons, Joe Peery, Kathie Dorman, Kirk Jordan, Mike Callahan, Rose Cormier, Sandra McRight, Shiloh Walker, Spencer Johns, Travis Primrose, James Wroten, Al DeRoche, Brandie Fowler, April McGee, Dan Domas, Jean Taylor, Carl Himel, Niki Viola, Janet Bland, Helen Mahfouz, Libby Harrison, Lisa Coffey, Nancy McWhorter, Race Dearborne, Cora Woodard, Cyndie Chauvin, David Blanton, Helen Locklin, James Bourdier, Jean Saxon, John Green, Shirley Hayes, Bob Cummings, Brenda McPherson, Shelly Watts, Janet Anderson, Kevin Ernst, Linda Juneau, Wayne McPherson, April Butler, Billie Jo Nelson, Brandy Block, Cathy Riley, Joyce Kleinknecht, Lindsey Etheridge, Camrie Helm, Mike Knox, Gary Chaffin, Lorene Zoch, Mrs. David Goode, Patsy Herrington, Peggy Drane, Bob Todd, Melissa Pittman, Brad Ernst, Trey Dubose, Ken Swenson, Jomie Chapman, Kristi Trahan, Terri Brent, Tonya Burch, Wayne Currie, Adam Prosperie and Barbara Allen.


First Presbyterian Church turns 135 years old. In 1878, residents of Orange asked the Presbytery of Eastern Texas for a church. The present structure on Green Ave. was built 101 years ago. The residents, in March and April of 1878, who formed the first congregation, likely never foresaw that their small church, originally located at the corner of Market and Polk streets would ultimately move into the elaborate, historical structure which draws thousands to witness the architectural wonder, featuring many first time features. The church was under construction from 1908 to 1912. Besides celebrating their regular anniversary, the church holds a special birthday party on the Fourth of July weekend.*****We were sorry to hear of Colonel Kimbroughs death. He was the father of Dist. Attorney/County Attorney John Kimbrough.*****Sheriff Keith Merritt has a new western themed look in the landscape in front of his office. Done with his own personal money and a little help from Capt. Don Harmon‘s Inmate Work Program, the front of the office is much improved.*****We were sorry to hear of the death of Remy “Paw Paw“ Sonnier, 78, who died March 29. He was a native of Forked Island, LA. An interesting unusual place. Remy was a product of that great Cajun culture. May he rest in peace.*****A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On April 3, Orange Police official Lannie Claybar, a chip off the original Lannie ,his granddad, and the son of David and Peggy celebrates.***Also on this day Cindy Mitchell, Linda Currie and Eddie Asbury will be a year older.***On April 4, Burl LaSalle is a year older. We haven’t seen Burl lately but last we heard he was hanging out at Terry “Paw Paw” Harvey’s. We’ve also lost track of Terry.***Others celebrating on July 4 is Joe Peery, Jeremy Simmons, Kathie Dorman and our longtime friend Al Deroche. I believe he turns 85. Al put in many years here at The Record as an advertising salesman. Keith Wallace, at Reliable Cleaners, was one of his special clients. Those two deserved one another.***April 5 is a special day for Nancy McWhorter, a special lady. For many years her recipes were published in The Record. She and Mac moved away a few years ago. It would be nice to hear from her.***Carl Himel and Libby Harrison also celebrate on April 5.***April 6 is a special day in our history. In 1917, the U.S. entered into WWI. Celebrating birthdays on this day are David Blanton, Brenda McPherson, and one of those pretty Scales girls, Cyndie Chauvin, who has put up with Vance, the “Big Red” refrigerator man, for a bunch of years. Cyndie is one of “Buster” Scales daughters.***April 7, is a special day for the queen of the “Strutters” Cathy Riley, who has led that Bridge City High awarding group for many years.***Also celebrating on this day are Bob Todd, Melissa Pittman, Lorene Zoch and Lindsey Etheridge.***On April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron hit his record 715th homerun against Al Downing.***April 9, finds Trey Dubose, Brad Ernst, Terri Brent and Kristi Trahan celebrating. A very happy birthday to all of you.*****Texas is number 1, (27 percent uninsured) while Louisiana and South Carolina are tied at 23 percent, yet Governors Perry, Jindal and Haley and a dozen other governors are saying no to Medicaid, blocking five million people from obtaining coverage. Medicaid serves the poorest Americans and nearly one third of the money goes toward long term care for the elderly and disabled. The federal government would pick up the entire cost. Hospitals would also benefit which is why so many are lobbying hard for it. Ohio governor, Republican John Kasich quotes the Bible’s command to “Help the least among us.” Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott says, “He could not in good conscience deny the uninsured access to care.” Makes you wonder why a state would send money to Washington and refuse to accept help that’s a full ride. It’s like paying for candy but not taking it because it’s too sweet. It’s strictly  political at the expense of  the citizens. *****Congratulations to Heather Journeay who begins a new job as head cheer coach of the competitive cheer squad at H&H Heather is the daughter of County Court of Law Bailiff Trish Williams.*****On May 1, Baptist Hospital of Orange will no longer deliver babies due to state cutting Medicaid support. A lot of important people were born at Orange Hospital. Medicaid cut backs by Austin will hurt also in other areas. I guess you could say there will no longer be native born Orange Countains.*****We were sorry to hear that the old Aggie, Jack Pardee, 76, died Monday, April 1. He was an All American, All Pro, several times coach and one of Bear Bryant’s “Junction Boys.”*****District Clerk Vickie Edgerly and husband Alvin just returned from a long weekend visit and Easter celebration with family in Austin. They especially enjoyed a chance to love on their two grandsons Hazen and Rory.*****Friday, courthouse friends of Stacy Wells got together and surprised her with a wedding gift of a honeymoon suite, with a double Jacuzzi, before her wedding Saturday to Jude Hebert. We wish them much happiness.*****


A Letter to Sostan

Dear Cuz,

I don’t rote for a long time me, cause I been working offshore. I see where the little dicktater in North Korea is making waves. He’s going to mess around and git himself killed. Looks like he got a hair cut at Tee Man’s Barber Shop where he puts a bowl on you head and cut around it.

Joe Comeaux was at a party at Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill when he call across da rum to his wife, “Ready to go home Mother of six.” Dat irritate Agnes, she shout back, “Anytime you ready, father of four.” 

At da same party, Honey Bee’s brother Ralph and his wife Clotile were celebrating dere 40th anniversary wen dey got in an argument. Ralph yell at her, “I swear Clotile, wen you die I’m getting you a headstone dat says, “Here lies Clotile, cold as ever.” Clotile said, “If you die before me Ralph, I’m getting you a headstone dat says, “Here lies Ralph, stiff at last.”

Honey Bee said, “Let’s go home before liquor gets to us too.” 

Anway, everybody is good here. I hope you and you bird are doing ok. Tell Cox, Kee-Kee and LuLu hello.

You Cuz,



I’m looking forward to the Country Music Awards Sunday night. It’s always the best award show, even though it has changed a lot since the real country boys were singing real country songs.*****Dueling news conferences at the state capital Monday highlighted the high stakes gamble being played by Gov. Rick Perry, who has rejected Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Congressman Joaquin Castro advised Perry to “Give up the swagger and get serious and negotiate in earnest.” Texas Impact and Methodist Healthcare estimates that the Federal government will send Texas $100 billion over the next decade. Health care providers say Perry is feeling heat from business groups, local officials, including the county judges of the largest counties who say Medicaid expansion would provide more care at a lower cost for tax payers. Perry wants co-pays and privatized Medicaid. There is not one good excuse for turning down the $100 billion. I believe in the end Perry will fold. If he doesn’t he can’t get elected dog catcher in Texas.*****Our buddy Quincy Procell had surgery in Houston and is home recuperating and staying off the phone. You know he must be hurting if he ain’t talking.*****Well, I’d better shut down. Thanks for coming along. By the time I return who knows what will have happened. Maybe we will wake up the little idiot midget in North Korea and at least give him a headache.***** The Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrosky’s this week. We’ll be back at Robert’s next. Everybody’s always welcome! ***** Please read us cover to cover. You’ll find that we’re one of a kind. Also shop our family of advertisers when you can. Have a nice week, take care and God bless.