I believe our last cool front is due this week. Word is we are in for a hot, dry summer and we will be hoping for a cool, rainy day. *****The Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher, 87, died Monday, April 8. She was a fierce ally of the United States. The British leader teamed up with President Reagan to help end the Cold War.*****Annette Funicello, 70, America’s girl next door and former Mouseketeer, died April 8.*****Louisville captures NCAA Title, beating Michigan 82 to 76 after being down 12 points. Speed is the great equalizer in any sport. I was surprised how Michigan held their own against such speed. The speed of the Cardinals caused too many turnovers. Coach Rick Pitino became the first coach to win national titles at two schools. His first was at Kentucky in 1996.*****Despite 90 percent of Americans supporting the background check gun legislation, Republican lawmakers say they will filibuster any attempt to change gun laws. President Obama says the American people deserve a vote, yes or no. Majority leader Harry Reid said, “There is simply no reason for this blatant obstruction except for the fear of considering anti-violence proposals in full view.” That’s the whole thing; they don’t want to vote against the NRA, they want to play it both ways, claiming one thing while doing another.*****Kree Harrison, our Southeast Texas girl, competes Wednesday night looking to make the five finalist. That’s a big deal. The top five have a good shot at recording contracts. They also have tours, and have the opportunity to visit their hometown with American Idol. In Kree’s case probably Woodville, “Dam B” where Kree lived until she was 12. She attended Bridge City High as a freshman and was one of the Cardinal singers. She’s remembered by teachers and classmates. She needs our votes so don’t forget her. She has a shot at winning it all.*****Well, I best get going. I’ve been a little on the sluggish side lately and running far behind. Come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.



We lost two longtime friends in the past week. John Pickard, 88, died April 5. Services were held Monday, April 8. His grandson Chester Moore Jr. gave the eulogy. We had known John and his late wife Ruby well over 50 years. We also were friends of his mother, Ms. Ruth, who owned the Sugar & Spice on 5th St. in Orange. John and Ruby spent their lives helping people. If anyone had a need, they tried to fill it. For years they were active in local and state politics. Everyone knows of their “My Wish” work but they did much more. John visited with us often here at the office. We recalled many of the old times and old timers. We’ll miss him. Please see obituary.*****We were also saddened to learn about the death of Tom “Buddy” Addison, 85, who died Saturday, April 6. Service was held Monday. Back in the early 60’s Tom and I worked in Little League baseball and football. He was a good man who always had a hearty smile for everyone. Our deepest sympathies to sons Tracy and Keith and their families. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary.



Back in the 1990’s western was dropped from country/western music. After watching the AMC Awards, I believe country is ready for another name change. The only hint of down home country music came from a duet appearance by George Strait and Garth Brooks. The music awards Sunday night were more of a debut of new material that didn’t resemble country. Mamau native Hunter Hayes got a lot of exposure. He plays a mean guitar but he also plays seven other instruments. Luke Bryan pulled off an amazing upset and won “Entertainer of the Year.” The 36 years old Georgia native recently began headlining his first tour. He co-hosted the show with Blake Shelton. They tried to be funny, it didn’t work. They best stick to singing. Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, who he said he saw naked that morning, was the most honored star with four wins. Eric Church won two awards, including “Album of the Year.” Bryan is the first male winner of the entertainer of the year since 2007. We spotted Clay Walker on the Red Carpet. That’s about as down home country as the show got. Is real country gone forever? Afraid so….



10 Years Ago-2003

The Louisiana ManDoug Kershaw brings his Cajun fiddle to the Mauriceville Crawfish Festival April 10 through 13. Angela Ledford is festival queen*****Since President Geo. W. Bush has taken office 2.2 million jobs have been lost, 108,000 lost last month. *****A thief walked into H.D. Pates’ law office and took his computer. Pate didn’t have a lock on his door because previous burglars had broken the door. He has changed his mind and will now get a locksmith. *****Thanks to Peter Arnett we had coverage of Desert Storms “Smart Bombs” on Baghdad. CNN’s Bernard Shaw got under a table scared to death. He got out of dodge as soon as someone could sneak him over the border. (Editor’s note: Remember that? Those smart bombs turning the corners were the most amazing thing I have ever seen.)*****Linda Hall, 54, died Sunday, April 6. Service was held at McDonald Baptist Church. She was an accountant for Inland Orange. She is survived by husband Sam Hall, son Mark, sisters and brothers. *****David W. Fusilier Jr., son of David and Debbie Fusilier of Orangefield, enlisted in the United States Air Force March 18 and is now in basic training at Lackland Air force Base.*****Roy and Phyl Dunn attended the 100th birthday party April 4 for Roy’s aunt Eve in Abbeville. Roy, writer of Down Life’s Highway column tells about his remarkable aunt and his trip back home to his Cajun roots. (Editor’s note: Roy’s aunt lived to be 105 and was never sick until just before her death. Her mind was remarkably sharp until the end.)*****The Bridge City Lady Cards are undefeated in district 21-AAA. Sissy Lemons is first year coach. The 10-0 Cards are ranked third in the state. Some players are pitcher Meagan Godwin, Laura Gremillion, Katie Faulk, Brittney McPhatten, Beth Hebert, Kaleigh Wallace, Elaina Clinton and Jessica Lemoine.*****Orange Community Players present “No No Nanette” starring Janet Bland, Keith Piller and Lynae Sanford.*****Rev. Dewitt Rainwater celebrated his 81st birthday on April 1. The ‘Singing Evangelist’ has written over 500 songs. He does a Sunday morning radio show. (Editor’s note: Rev. Rainwater’s son, James, has kept his dad’s radio ministry each Sunday at 8 a.m. on KOGT since his dad’s death several years ago.)*****Harmon Chevrolet new car prices, 2003 Impala, 4 dr. $17,562’ new S-10 Extreme EXT, $19,334; new 03 Chevy Tahoe, $28,391; new Chevy Suburban, $33,950; new Chevy Malibu, $15,588. (Editor’s note: According to everything else, vehicle prices haven’t gone up so much or have they?)


35 Years Ago-1978

Sak-N-Pak stores name Deanna Linscomb, manager of #13 store on Hwy.87, “Manager of the Month” for March. Lynn and Carol Emerson are owners of the 24-store chain in Orange and Jefferson counties. *****Edgar Flowers, owner of Flowers Nursery, has 4,500 different varieties of plants. The nursery, located in Bridge City, is among the top 10 wholesale plant distributors in the United States. The nursery consists of 37 greenhouses with 180,000 square feet of growing area. Edgar and his late wife Dorothy, planted an 8 foot by 10 foot frame full of tomato seeds in 1960, sold the tomato plants and from that small beginning became one of the country’s largest.*****Doug “Louisiana Man” drives the first nail for the T.C. Hemphill Annex and Bob Hope Vocational School. The new facility will include the Doug Kershaw Music Center. W.T. Oliver is fund raising chairman. The goal is to raise $600,000 for Hughen School. *****Flo and Gene Edgerly marked their 19th wedding anniversary April 10. Folks are betting on them making number 20. They vow they will be together forever. *****Gary Gauthier celebrates his 20th birthday. Mark Fisette celebrates number 18. *****Office Hound T-shirts go on sale at Kresges. Two different styles, “I’m an Office Hound Fan” and “I sent my cake to the Office Hound.” All sizes, only $2.99 each. (Editor’s note: Do you remember the most famous dog in Orange County?)


55 Years Ago-1958

Joe Runnels, candidate for county judge, is the only candidate who favors a County Court at Law court. He opposes the county unit system being advocated by candidate Sid Caillavet. Joe and Sid have opposed each other twice in mayoral races, each winning one. Runnels accused the county judge, Charlie Grooms, of neglecting county business. Runnels served two teams as county clerk and two as mayor of Orange. *****Frenchie’s Beauty Salon, on Highway 90, holds formal opening. Mr. Eugene is owner. *****Ollie Mendoza was presented Jaycee’s Golden Key award. *****New Aldermen at West Orange are A.L. Lagrone and Glenn (Popeye) Sandlin. City secretary is Mrs. John Crawley.




Janet Montagne, Barbara Goins, Ed Cox, Elliot Purcell, Jamye Martin, Jayme Martin, K’Lynn Ess, Katie Olson, Matt Day, Nancy Hood, Alivia Duhon, Donna Dubose Franklin, Austin Brent, Becky Myers, Bob Arnold, David Thacker, Edyth Ramsey, Dustin Kemp, Roy Gill, Jackie Schell, Patsy Evans, Travis Miller, Amanda Ginn, Travis Reed, Cortland Savage, Howard Nelson, Jill Lemoine, Dora Ogden, Kathy Vessel, Leslie Staudenmier, Roy Mazzagate III, Jaclyn James, Shellie Holmes, Zackary Busby, Abby Noah, Ann Glover, Bruce Peveto, Connie Angelle, Betty Stark, Roy Farias, Dawn Mason, Gene Bellard, Kaylin Abshire, Ken Armstrong, Margene Bellard, Virginia Fox, David Miller, Jo Ann Collins, T-Lew Van Metre, Joy Learned, Kasie Moerbe, Kevin Huckeba, Larry McClure, Phillip Elmore, Randy Renfrow, Reatha Bradberry, Robbie Bethes, Sam Carpenter Jr., Tiffani Thompson, April Stone, Christy Swanson, John Langlinais, April Allen, Linda Claybar, Shani Lawson, Patrick Cooks, Debbie Aarons, Jaclyn Eickenhorst, Judy Pittman, Kirby Cruse, Lillian Mercer, Marie Duett, Quentin Billeaud and Betty Foreman.



Congrats to Dwayne “Beaver” Dubois, who was hired as head football coach and athletic director at Hardin-Jefferson. Dubois was offensive coordinator for the past eight years in Vidor under head coach Jeff Mathews. Both coaches are Bridge City natives and were classmates at Bridge City. They have been joined at the hip when it came to coaching philosophy. Dubois will bring the Slot-T offense that has been used at Vidor. “Beaver” is the son-in-law of Mayor Kirk Roccaforte and Shirley and is married to Shirley’s pretty daughter Cristal. Coach Dubois is well deserving of his turn at the helm. We wish him nothing but the best. Maybe he can get Shirley to give a motivation speech to the team.*****Speaking sports, coach Larry Tidwell, Lamar Lady Cards basketball coach, who has done a great job turning that program around, is leaving to take a job at Pan American. This is his way of getting down to the Rio Grande Valley where someday he plans to retire. I met Coach Tidwell at Johnny Montagne’s when he first arrived. Johnny hosted an outing for Larry and his players. It was easy to see then why he has been so successful; he’s a real people person.  We wish him many great years at Pan American. *****A few folks having birthdays in the next few days. On April 10, Janet Cormier Montagne celebrates. She’s little Johnny’s better half and the daughter of Devera and Bobby Cormier. ***Also celebrating on this day is Dr. Katie Olson, daughter of Dr. David and Barbara Olsen. ***K’Lynn Ess and Nancy Hood also celebrate this birthday. ***Celebrating 54 years of marriage are Flo and Gene Edgerly. Congrats to them and best wishes for good health. Florene married that “Drummer Boy” all those years ago and got through raising him. The years flew by and a lot of water ran under the bridge since. ***April 11 birthdays: Our buddy David Thacker celebrates. He’s the son of the one and only coach Dwight Thacker. David is a fine young man who like his dad never meets a stranger.***Also celebrating this day are Jackie Schell, Patsy Evans, Travis Miller and Becky Myers.***April 12 finds Roy Mazzagate III celebrating along with Jill Lemoine and Bruce Peveto.***Also April 12 would have been our late friend Cal Broussard’s birthday. He died July 23, 2009. His caregiver and friend Betty Lou Womack also has passed away. For two years she cared for Cal. ***April 12, 1861, is also the day the Civil War began. It ended June 22, 1865. ***April 13, our friend Connie Angelle celebrates, also David Miller. ***April 13 is a special day for our friend of over 50 years Jo Ann Collins. What a great lady. Best wishes. ***April 14 would have been the birthday of our late buddy Parker P.T. Thompson. Gone but not forgotten. ***Celebrating on the 14th is another lawman Sam “Sambo” Carpenter Jr. ***April 15 finds Linda Claybar, a nice lady and wife of Brown, former mayor of Orange, celebrating. ***April 16, Kirby Ridley Cruse, who we have known since she was in diapers, is getting older on this day. She’s Rev. George’s better half. Also some time this week our longtime friend Janet Fontenot celebrates. She and James have moved off to the Austin area. Happy birthday to all.*****Crude oil prices hang around $93 a barrel, yet gas prices at the pump continue to drop as the Obama administration’s energy policies kick in. Gains in the U.S. stock market and increased movement in housing and auto sales are more signs of a strengthening economy. Had congress passed the Jobs Act a year ago, over a million more people would be in the work force.*****Congrats to the Bridge City seventh grade girls track team. Coach Woods and her girls have won every track meet by a large margin. The future of B.C. girl’s track is in good hands and could be future state champions.*****Speaking of success, former Bridge City pitcher Jake Lemoine, a freshman at the U. of Houston, has been strong on the mound with five wins and only one loss. I know granddad Jerry McInnis and the Lemoine family are all proud of Jake’s accomplishments.*****I also hear that former B.C. pitcher Matt Hicks has broken a record at USL Lafayette with 10 saves this season. On one day he won a game and saved another.*****We understand that Jivin’ Gene will perform for the Eagles on April 27 at the VFW Hall. We have known Gene since he was a puppy. Through the years Gene has helped many organizations and works hard to put on a great show and dance. More on this concert later but start making plans for a great night.*****Everyone’s friend Judge David Peck found out last week that he has a heart. The only problem is that the top half of the heart races a step ahead of the bottom half. For some reason that doesn’t surprise me. The bottom half has a bigger load. I’ll have to find out from Pct. 3 Constable Mark Philpott why he thinks Justice Peck’s bottom is slower than the top.*****Speaking of judges, we ran into Judge Buddie Hahn, who was taking lessons on how to become a one bucket farmer. Ms. Carol is looking forward to that tomato crop. Ask him about it.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a great gathering last week at Novrozsky’s. Many stories and tales were recounted. This week, the group dines at Robert’s. Everyone is always welcome.*****Our friends Jerry Wimberly and Don Harmon are taking treatments at the Beaumont Cancer Center. Our prayers go out to those two great guys for complete recovery.*****We received a message from a guy out of our past, Lee Critchfield. He says he was one of Ed’sboys,” who came to KOGT in the latter 70’s. Ed Lovelace hired him as an announcer/salesperson because, in Ed’s words, “He at least looked human.” Lee’s on air name was Nick Roberts. He has many memories of Ed and Joan Lovelace. He went to Beeville with them but that was a hard road for him and he ended up in the oilfield. He has now retired to the Rockport area.*****Retired judge, Pat Clark, was presented with a “Year’s of Service Award,” by County Judge Carl Thibodeaux at Monday’s Commissioner Court meeting.*****Nicholas Provost and his team from West Orange-Stark Elementary will travel to Deer Park High School Saturday, April 13, to compete in the State Robotics competition.*****On April 16, Willie Nelson releases a new standards collection titled, “Let’s Face the Music and Dance.” I hear it’s a great collection.*****We hear Mark Carter is stepping down from his Democratic Party Chairmanship position. No word on who will replace him.*****Harry and Margie Stephens made a fast drive to Kentucky to visit Margie’s ill father. They returned Tuesday.



April 10, John Madden will be 77; Ken Griffey Sr., 63; Steven Seagal, 61; Orlando Jones, 45 and Mandy Moore, 29.***April 11, Joss Stone will be 26.***April 12, Herbie Hancock, 73; David Letterman, 66; Vince Gill, 56 and Claire Danes, 34.***On April 13, Lou Bega will be 38.***April 14, Loretta Lynn, (the coal miner’s daughter) will be 81; Brad Garrett, 53, Vanessa Hudgens, 25 and Sarah Michelle Gellar, 36.***April 15, Emma Thompson will be 54; Seth Rogen, 31 and Emma Watson, 23.



Tee-Man Comeaux’s boy Junior was taking his first air plane flight. Tee-Man put Junior on da plane in New Orleans to fly to California to visit his aunt, Tee-Man’s sister Agnes. 

Wen dat air plane fly over the Rocky Mountains da steward her, pass out some chewing gum. She told Junior it would keep his ears from poppin wen they got to real high altitudes. 

After da plane landed in Los Angles, Junior him unfastened his seat belt, den he walked up and ask, “Miss stewardess, can you tole me please how I’m gonna got dat chewing gum out dat is stuck in my ears hanh?



Next Monday, April 15, is the anniversary of the birth of Kim II Sung, a key date in a state whose main religion is the cult of the Kim family. The current leader, 30 year old Kim Jong Un, is ill prepared for his role and is rushing to deepen his power. There is a high possibility that this nut will overplay his hand and pick April 15 to do so. I don’t believe it will be more than a missile test; a nuclear test is a bluff. It would deplete their limited plutonium supply. Then he would really be done. I think he’s all talk. We will shoot anything out of the air that he puts there. He’s in a “No Win” situation. *****Mitch McConnell, like Romney, was caught on tape talking trash, like in the 47 percent debacle. This might burn him. *****We had a nice phone visit with Linnis Hubbard, former Orange County chief investigator. Linnis, over the years, was one of the best investigators to come out of south east Texas. He had vast law enforcement experience and at one time, he was chief investigator for the DA’s office when Sharon Bearden was district attorney.*****Two old boys I haven’t heard from lately are Van Choate, who is probably tied down at his Vidor “Hush Puppy” and Joel Beckum, who had been working in Russia. Maybe he went back. *****Please shop our family of advisers. *****The “Skeeters” are coming, call Pestco before they invade. Take care and God bless.