Beverly Mire, the grandmother of Kree Harrison, recently went to Los Angeles, Calif. to watch her perform on American Idol.

As the numbers of performers continues to dwindle, Harrison has made it to the top five and is still going strong.

Each contestant sang two songs last Wednesday night. One theme was tunes from the Burt Bacharach/Hal David song book. The other theme was “A Song I Wish I Had Written.”

Harrison put her own spin on  “What the World Needs Now Is Love.” She started off somewhat slowly and picked up the pace as the song progressed. She hit some nice, solid notes throughout the performance and seemed relatively confident with the song.

“She did really well,” Mire said. “It was beautiful.”

American Idol judge, Keith Urban, said he felt Harrison’s “motherliness” when she sang. “You have a real genuine compassion for people,” he said, a “humanity” that really came through.

Nicki Minaj agreed, but added that Harrison’s style was also “hella cocky.”

Mire attended the results show too and was elated when Harrison shared the top two spot with another contestant, Candice Glover, of  South Carolina.

Mire who met all of the contestants on American Idol stated, “they are one big happy family and really love one another.”

Following the conclusion of the show, they will go out on tour. Mire said she is happy they get along so well.

Harrison is no stranger to performing before an audience. During her first concert she ever attended, The Doobie Brothers, at eight years old, they called her on stage and she sang “listen to the music” with them. This was the first big crowd she had sang in front of and she knew she was hooked.

Kree Harrison will need votes from Southeast Texans in addition to across America if she is going to remain a  contestant on the popular FOX network series, American Idol.

Harrison, 22, is a Southeast Texas native, but currently resides in Nashville. In the 8th grade she attended school in Bridge City before relocating to Woodville.

Becoming a music star was always on her mind. Harrision went on The Rosie O’Donnell Show at eight years old and returned three more times. Lyric Street Records caught wind of this young talent and signed her at the age of 12. But it was short lived and due to creative differences she ended her relationship with the label.

Harrison had a rough start to her life with the loss of her father in an airplane crash when she was 12 years old. She was forced to face another tragedy when her mother died four years later. The singer took to song writing to express her emotions.

Since her audition for American Idol she has had the judges clamoring for more. It seems like she has definitely made her mark on the fans but will need their votes.

Kree Harrison’s family is thankful for everyone for their support and asking everyone to keep voting for Harrison so she can make it to the end and become the next American Idol.

“People hear she is in the top two, but to keep her there, we need to vote,” Mire said.

The shows airs 7 p.m. Wednesdays on Fox with the results of the voting being 7 p.m. Thursdays.

Beverly Mire, of Groves, grandmother of Kree Harrison, recently went to watch her granddaughter perform on American Idol.