AUSTIN – According to the Texas Workforce Commission’s latest employment report Texas remains the nation’s leader in job creation. Texas’ unemployment rate for March 2013 was 6.4 percent, down from 7 percent in March 2012, and well below the national average of 7.6 percent. The Texas Model of doing business continues to keep Texas at the forefront of prosperity.

“Unemployment in the Texas economy has been at or below the national average for the past 75 months — or over six years,” said Chuck DeVore, Vice President for Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, “This is despite the nation at large enduring the worst economic times since the Great Depression. Texas is where liberty proves its case — and the outcomes are prosperity, jobs, and opportunities for families to still live the American Dream. It’s a lesson Washington, D.C., would do well to learn from.”

“Though the monthly net job loss for March is a concern, the annual trend for the Texas economy continues on a definitive upward path and that’s good news,” said James Quintero, Senior Policy Analyst for the Foundation’s Center for Fiscal Policy. “Now is the time for the 83rd Texas Legislature to reinforce success, and keep Texas on the path of prosperity and growth. Cuts in the sales and margin taxes, resisting an expensive expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare, and implementing real school choice are the best things this Legislature can do to ensure that our more than six years of economically outperforming the nation are just the beginning.”

The Honorable Chuck DeVore is the Vice President for Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. He served six years in the California Assembly and is the author of “The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America.”

James Quintero is senior policy analyst for the Center for Fiscal Policy with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a non-profit, free-market research institute based in Austin. 

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit free-market research institute based in Austin.

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