This year Community Christian School JH Track and Field brought home 36 ribbons. Great job everyone. Below is a list of the events JH placed in and what place they received. Ribbons will be given at the JH awards ceremony.

All of these athletes worked hard and did an awesome job. While not everyone received a ribbon they are all winners to their coaches, teammates, class members, parents and the faculty and staff at CCS.

April 19, 2013 – 7th and 8th Grade Field Events

Long Jump: 7th Girls: Nia Swinburn  – 1st Place. 7th Boys: Nate Willett –  2nd Place.

Shot Put: 7th Boys: Nate Willett – 1st Place; Macy Leblanc –  4th Place.

Discus: 7th Girls: Amaris Berwick –  6th Place.

April 20, 2013 – 5th – 8th Grade Track Events:

Broad Jump: 5th Boys: Grayson Stacey – 2nd Place.

50 M Dash: 5th Boys:Nate Brown – 1st Place; Ryan Davis – 1st; Place Jacob Carter – 6th Place.

100 M Dash: 6th Girls: Kaley Breaux – 5th Place.

7th Girls: Amaris Berwick – 1st Place; Nia Swinburn – 5th Place.

5th Boys: Nate Brown – 5th Place.

7th Boys: Dalton Teeler – 2nd Place.

200 M Dash: 5th Boys: Grayson Stacey – 4th Place; Hunter Johnston – 5th Place.

6th Girls: Kaley Breaux – 2nd Place.

400 M Dash: 5th Boys: Hunter Johnston – 3rd Place.

6th Boys:  Blaine Manucy – 3rd Place.

7th Girls: Marlaina Delarosa – 3rd Place; Lindsey Burns – 6th Place.

400 M Relay: 5th Boys – 2nd Place: Hunter Johnston, Ryan Davis, Grayson Stacey and Nate Brown.

6th Boys – 5th Place: CJ Curry, Jacob Carter, Cade Daigle and Blaine Manucy.

7th Girls – 6th Place: Amaris Berwick, Lindsey Burns, Marlaina Delarosa and Nia Swinburn.

800 M Relay: 7th Girls – 3rd Place: Amaris Berwick, Lindsey Burns, Marlaina Delarosa and Nia Swinburn.