I was saddened to hear about the death of George Jones at age 81. For over 50 years he sang his country music, recorded more than 150 albums with 143 on Billboard’s top 40 hits, including 18 number one hits. Jones also sang on many other artists’ albums. Besides his chart successes, he influenced many others who became country legends. His music reflected a life that was far from perfect. Jones was in the grip of alcohol and drug abuse. The alcohol had been a failure of his dad, who spent much time in the drunk tank. Jones lost at three attempts at marriage. He lost his first wife and mother of his children to Vidor friend J.C. ArnoldGeorge’s unique voice was unmatched and his life experiences helped feed his success because it gave a sense of truth to his music that reached all his listeners. His music influence and legacy will live on for years to come. *****I’d best get started. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Even some members of the national media find that a little something fishy is going on at American Idol. Some people believe that the judges are playing favorites the last couple of weeks. The judges seem to be maneuvering the public vote. It’s obvious to me that a move is on by the show to save Amber Holcomb. Why? You ask. It’s all about marketing. American Idol has the winner’s contract. Amber’s style and looks would be a great sell and easy to promote. Any of the final three can become super stars but my guess is that they didn’t eliminate anyone last week because Amber came in fourth so she gets another shot without the judges using their one save. Despite negative remarks by some of the judges the public still placed Kree in the top two. There is no denying she has the best, all around singing talent. If she makes the top three, she will likely win it all. As far as the Idol program is concerned however, for promotional reasons they see their bigger money makers as Amber or Angie. I think they will get a lot of heat and lose respect if Kree doesn’t make the top three. The public and media will smell a rat. For that reason, I believe Kree will get her just due. Otherwise, they would not have made arrangements for American Idol to be in Woodville and to have a big concert at Ford Park this weekend. It will take continued public support for Kree to advance. So vote a lot. I just hope the judges will cool it and let the voters decide. Kree does need a good choice of songs by national artists, not just regional. That’s just the way I see it. Either way she will be another of the great Southeast Texas talents we can be proud of. Attend the parade and concert; show America we are proud of Kree.


I have a long history of watching bond issue elections. One thing that is constant is that school board members, who serve their school districts, do so on their own time and dollar. They don’t receive any pay and their interest is first and foremost the betterment of the students and school district. Board members and administrators don’t call bond elections unless it’s necessary. Whenever a bond issue fails, the need still remains and the problems continue too get worse and the cost continues to escalate. I’ve seen bond elections fail a couple of times and finally pass on the third try. By then the cost of building has tripled from the first called election. The school district has lived through unnecessary difficulties. The problems don’t go away, they get worse and far more expensive to correct. Pay now or pay later. I think all citizens should think about that when considering voting for or against. The Little Cypress-Mauriceville school board has made available all the facts and why their needs must be addressed now. No one wants to pay an additional amount on taxes but we all want good schools for our children. Unfortunately, we can’t have it both ways.


15 Years Ago-1998

W.T. Oliver was roasted by friends at the Bridge City Chamber banquet held at the Community Center April 23. The roasters included former Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr. The speakers all concluded that few people had ever done as much for humanity. A war veteran who was instrumental in the new bridge being named Veterans Memorial also led the way for the building of Veterans Park. He was the driving force behind the Bob Hope High School for the Disabled. He brought Hope to the area on several occasions. Oliver also started the Bum Phillips Golf Tournament. *****It’s election time and Gisela Houseman is the first woman to run for Port Commissioner. (Editor’s note: Gisela didn’t win but today the Port finally has its first female commissioner, Barbara Winfree. *****A young, personable attorney, Phillip Smith, opened his law office on Texas Avenue, in Bridge City. Phillips, his wife and two beautiful daughters recently hosted an open house. *****Now available this week is a new, blue pill called Viagra. It’s the fountain of youth in pill form. On March 27, the FDA approved a drug that means one thing to men suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction). This week it became available by prescription at Orange County pharmacies. (Editor’s note: This being the 15th anniversary of “The Blue Pill” I’m surprised someone didn’t come up with a celebration.)*****U.S. Congressman Jim Turner speaks to a gathering at the Court House. It was his regular scheduled monthly visit with his constituents. Also State Senator David Bernsen was in the county meeting with druggist explaining the new health insurance and HMO plan. *****Brown Claybar is running for mayor of Orange. *****The Bridge City girl’s powerlifting team won the NASA High School National Championship. The Cardinal girls set three world records and claimed several individual titles. They scored decisive victories over the Florida and Missouri state champs. Named Most Outstanding Lifter was Julie Odom. Teammates were Brendie Barnes, Rachal Guidry, Danielle Bourque, Chrissy Lane, Charlsey Flowers, Leann Nguyen, Aleah Mumbach, Megan Shorts, Andrea Watson, Courtney Peery, Haley Brannon, Jennifer Chaddrick, Dahon Swiere, Megan Brown, Amber Updike, Adrienne Colletti and Shalina Meche. Athlethic Director Les Johnson said, “I’m proud of Coach Daniels and these girls, they worked hard and brought home a national championship for our school and program. (Editor’s note: They must have had half of all high school girls in that program.)

35 Years Ago-1978

Joe Burke likes high school track events so much he attended the 4A Regionals in Houston Friday and journeyed to Conroe to watch 3A but bad weather rained out the meet.*****David Guidry, BC trackster shines at the regional meet. He is a junior; he wins with 110 percent effort. *****Sid Caillavet, president of the former Old Timers Association, wants to reorganize the association. Anyone interested can call Mrs. Allen Peveto or Sallie Frazier.*****Thomas Barrett gets the O’Rourke look from barber Rod Dowdle.*****Going to the state track meet from Bridge City are David Guidry, in the 330-yard intermediate hurdles; mile relay team Bo Worrell, Larry Hagler, Mark Truncale and Guidry. Coach is Bob Puntes. Austin bound from West Orange are high jumper Waymon Sibley, long jumper Roy Williams, miler Miron Gautier, sprinter Randall Tate and the 440-yard relay quartet of Sibley, Williams, Tate and Steve Fisher, mile relay team Dickie McMillan, Fisher, Tate and Kenneth Britten. They placed first, BC second. Coach is Robert Tywater.

55 Years Ago-1958

Four hundred Rotarians register for district 591 conference held at the Jack Tar. *****James Edward Wilcox celebrates his 11 birthday. *****Sadie Stephens, county clerk since 1950, runs for re-election. She was appointed when Joe Runnels resigned to run for mayor of Orange. *****Orange County man kills his former wife and himself outside a Calcasieu Parish tavern near Orange. The dead are Mary Granger and Amos Milstead.*****Charles Bradford, lawyer, Sid Caillavet, Joe Runnels and Charlie Grooms are all running for county judge.*****Rev. W.W. Kennedy observes his 15th anniversary at Cove Baptist.


Dot Eshbach, Cindy Landrum, Ramona Walker, Flo Arnold, Loretta Phillips, Karolyn Doiron, Frank Carpenter, Jason Mayfield, Newt Hodges, Tom McDavid, A.J. Sellers, Christina Johnston, Ethel Champagne, Jonette Brown, Mary Stewart, Megan Cornwell, Amy Wiebold, Glenda Dailey, Nicole Gibbs, Jenna Angelle, Judi Verdin, Stacie Hollier, Kay Boudreaux, Brandon Applebach, Jeff Harrison, MacAlan Trammell, Jenna Dismukes, Julia Hoke, Brad Broussard, Matt Williams, Butch Myers, Bridget Toohey, Ricky Zirlott, Lindsey Dardeau, Susan Spencer, Travis Coffey, Amanda Dumesnil, Ashley Eby, Clint Blackwell, Beverly Millsap, Murdock Havard, Deborah Gregg, Doris Raynor, Mayor Essie Bellfield, Brandon Bond, Carolyn Bourque, Josh Sanders, Charles Slusher, Clint Vidrine, Glory Burke, Jessica Hughes, Joseph Chenella, Michael Psencik, Norma Cummings, Sherri Thompson, Caitlin Allen and Connie Angelle.


We got a nice note from Bridge City School Board member Jerry McInnis thanking us for supporting Bridge City’s effort to complete the addition to the library building. Jerry says he uses the library often and I have found that a lot of citizens do. The Bridge City Public Library is one of the greatest assets this city has. I believe a community is just as good as its schools and a good viable library.*****If you missed your County Clerk Karen Jo Vance around the courthouse is was because she was being educated by the University of Texas School of Law at the County and District Clerks Legal Education Program held in San Marcos. County Clerks are required to receive 20 hours of education each year. *****Saturday is Kentucky Derby day. The early favorite is Verrazano, who will attempt to become only the second horse to win the Derby after not racing as a 2-year old. The 139th Kentucky Derby, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, is the first leg of thoroughbred races known as the Triple Crown. The 1.4-mile race has a field of 20 3-year-olds. Affirmed, in 1978, was the last horse to win the Triple Crown. The Derby will air at 3 p.m. on NBC. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On May 1, Frank Carpenter, Cindy Landrum and Karolyn Doiron all celebrate. May 1, would also have been the birthday of a dear, longtime friend Dot Eshbach. This lovely lady is gone but I wanted to remember her on her birthday. ***On May 2, Glenda Dailey, Mary Stewart and Megan Cornwell celebrate. ***May 3, is a very special day for us here at The Record. Our “Girl Friday,” Nicole Gibbs turns 30. She’s a wife, a mom and our office manager, which means “Jack-of-All-Trades.”***Julia Hoke celebrates May 4. ***Brad Broussard celebrates May 5, along with Bridget Gunn Toohey. ***May 6 is our friend and former mayor and councilperson Essie Bellfield’s big day. We go back further then we want to admit.***Also celebrating on May 6 is Bridge City High teacher and our friend, Deborah Gregg.***On May 7, Connie Angelle chalks up another year as does our buddy, longtime educator Joe Chenella, now retired. He and wife Nancy live in College Station. We wish him a great day. ***Josh Sanders also celebrates on this day. I lost track of this former Bridge City baseball star but I wish him a great day.***On a sad closing, our friend Judge Grover Halliburton died nine years ago, in 2004. Hardly a week goes by that Grover is not mentioned. His widow, Sue, still lives in Orange and we hear doing well.***Our friend, Commissioner Don Cole turned 87 on April 29. Belated happy birthday Don.*****Three Orange County high school baseball teams head to playoffs this week. LCM goes as the fourth seed in 20-4A against Barber Hill, the 19-4A champs. Game one will be Friday at Barber’s Hill, 6 p.m. Game two will be played Saturday, 2 p.m. at LCM. Game three, if necessary, will be announced later. ***Bridge City, the second seed in 21-3A, will play Shepherd in a one game series at 7 p.m. Friday at Jasper. ***Orangefield, the third seed in District 21-3A, will play Tarkington. As all of our local teams face playoffs, we hope they stay focused and have left all the cheap errors back in district play. This is a brand new season and only the flawless will survive. Best of luck to the Bears, Cardinals and Bobcats. *****Orange County will observe a National Day of Prayer on Thursday, 12 noon at the Court House.*****Pete, over at Coastal Landscape, does all type of landscaping and maintaince. Now he is carrying landscape supplies and will assist you in doing your own landscaping. Visit Pete and the crew at 2899 W. Roundbunch in Bridge City.*****Peggy, at Peggy’s on the Bayou, wanted me to tell you that despite their remodeling and expansion project, they are running smooth and normal and putting out great food.*****Farmer’s Market at Big Lot parking lot is now open on Wednesday, 3 p.m. and Saturday at 7 a.m. You name it, starting today, they will have it. Plenty of fresh produce. *****Here’s a real bargain. I hear many success stories about our classified ads. If you want to buy-sell-trade, for only $10 we will get you lots of action. No one has a better track record then us. Stop by and we’ll fix you up. You’ll be amazed at the calls you get. *****Our friend Judge Claude Wimberly took a fall and landed on his head, cutting a gash that needed stitching. It left a bump but his brain is still in tack. He learned he’s not as agile as he once was. *****Our buddy, Harry Stephens, is finally giving up. He’s tired of fighting his knee problem and the hurt, so he’s scheduled to get it cut on. We wish best results. *****A little Orange history. Back in the late 1940’s, McDonald’s Texaco Service Station was at Seventh Street and Green Avenue, across from Bill Stringer’s GulfMcDonald’s phone number was 9-1-1. That’s the kind of stuff you learn at the Wednesday Lunch BunchThis week the Bunch dines at Novrozsky’s and back at Robert’s next week. Everyone is always welcome. *****


On May 1, Tim McGraw will be 46.***Dwayne Johnson will be 41 on May 2; Brooke Hogan, 25; and David Beckham will be 38.***Kimora Simmons will be 38 on May 3.***Lance Bass will be 34 on May 4.***Chris Brown will be 24 on May 5; Danielle Fishel, 32 and John Rhys-Davies, 69.***Willie Mays will be 82 on May 6; Bob Seger, 68 and Tony Blair, 60.***George Clooney will be 52 on May 6.***Breckin Meyer will be 39 on May 7.


Elroy “Tee-Bruce” Broussard, him, is an avid duck hunter.

Tee-Bruce, he wanted him a new bird dog. His search brought him to Alcid Boudreaux’s place at Pecan Island where he bought him a young dog from Boudreaux.

Tee-Bruce was shocked da first time he sent his new dog, Bosco, out on a retrieve an he discover da dog could walk on water. Tee-Bruce, him, he was sure none of his friends would believe him dat Bosco could walk on water. He decide he would try to surprise his friend, Alex Thibodaux, wit’ de amazing feat.

Alex, him, he is a real pessimis’ by nature, so Tee-Bruce invite him to hunt wit’ him an his new dog. As dey wait by da shore, a big flock of duck flew by.

Ka-BOOM! Ka-Boom! Dey fire an a duck fall.

“Boscoe, fetch up!” Tee-Bruce say, and Bosco, him, he jump up an pitty-pat, he trot right across da surface of dat water. He got dat duck and pitty-pat, he trot right back. He never got more dan his paws wet.

Alex him, he he saw dat but he don’t say a single word.

On da way home Tee-Bruce, he ask his friend, “Alex, did you notice anyting unusual bout my new dog Bosco, hanh?”

“Mais yeah, I sho did, Tee-Bruce,” Alex say. “You dog Bosco, he can’t even swim, no.” 


We sure thank you for the tremendous response to last week’s anniversary edition. We printed extra copies and still ran short. The staff did a great job, with some very interesting stories. We will continue our 53rd anniversary celebration throughout the next few weeks. It’s a good time to advertise your business. The Record is read by more Orange Countians in our trade area than all other media outlets combined. We reach the consumers with your message. *****We have a cool front coming. Maybe down into the high 40’s over the weekend. That’s not May weather on the Gulf Coast. It will be nice but the garden doesn’t like it. Let us hear from you and please read us cover to cover, you’ll find a little something for everyone. Shop our family of advertisers and tell them we sent you. Take care and God bless.