Orange County will observe Thursday as the ‘National Day of Prayer’ at noon on the front steps of the courthouse. Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux acknowledged this as the 62nd year for a National Day of Prayer.

Since 1988, the National Day of Prayer has been observed on the first Thursday in May.

This year’s theme is ‘One Nation under God.’

“On this day, we reflect upon the strength of America and its people who are united by a common love of freedom and their belief and trust in the Almighty,” read Thibodeaux. “Keeping in mind recent global events, dangerous threats to our freedom and challenges of the war of which our country is currently engaged, we must give thanks for the freedom and prosperity of this nation,” stated the proclamation.

“I would like to invite everyone to be with us at noon this Thursday,” said Thibodeaux. “These are very nice ceremonies” He said the event is coordinated by Orange County retiree Vicky Landry.

Thibodeaux said there will be several speakers.

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