Orange County Commissioners approved a list of fees and made some adjustments for the new procedures that will go into effect June 1 at the Orange County Citizens Collection Station. They also specified that seniors 65 and over will get a 50 percent discount to use the site. The facility is only for residents of Orange County with a valid windshield sticker.

Fees will be determined by amounts hauled to the collection station:

Bagged Trash-$1 per bag

Garbage Cans-$5 per can

Pick-up Load-$10

Small Trailer-$15

Large Trailer-$20

White goods, such as refrigerators and washing machines will be no charge.

Restrictions: no hazardous waste, batteries, paint cans, fuel tanks, tires, shingles or concrete. They will accept small amounts of dry wall and wood products from house repairs or remodels, but no commercial or contractor waste will be accepted.

A window sticker will cost $5 dollars. A disposal pass is required for all materials that will not be recycled. Each disposal pass is valid for up to $20. Passes must be pre-purchased before using the collection station. Passes can be purchased at the Road and Bridge office on Farm Road 1442 (1154 Trainer Lane).

Clark Slacum, county engineer hopes to also make the passes available at a couple of other locations for residents’ convenience. Those locations will be released as they become available.

There will be no charge for using the recycling bins provided for cardboard, paper, plastic and cans, but they must register for a free green windshield sticker to gain access to the facility.

The collection station is currently open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday and Saturday.

The fee and sticker requirements go into effect June 1, 2013.

In other business, commissioners gave Mark Wimberly approval to replace a 14 year old drain cleaning machine for the Maintenance Department the recently fell apart and can’t be repaired. Cost of the machine is $1993.08 and will come out the small tools budget for the department.

Slacum asked and received approval to rent a BoMag Recycler at $9,000 a month if needed rather than replace one that is not viable for repair.

Slacum said the machine that was purchased in 1997 broke last summer. “The hydraulic pump basically shattered inside it,” said Slacum. “It caused metal fragments to get all in the pump inside it.”  An estimate to repair it was $30,000. “Then you don’t know if you will have other damage from the metal fragments inside.

They still have one machine which is only used about three months a year, when doing road work. Since they might not need a second one that often, Slacum thought leasing one on an as needed basis at $9,000 a month was a better solution. A new recycler would cost around $250,000.

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