To me one of the most special days of the year is Mother’s Day. For most of us there is no more special person in our lives than the one who brought us here, nursed us through our baby years and molded us into adulthood. Through thick and thin our moms can always be counted on to build a comfort zone around each individual child, often cushioning the tough blows of life. If you are fortunate to still have your Mom, count your blessings. Take a minute to reflect on the life you have traveled together. Make a mental movie of all the great times you had and the special moments with her. Think of how you made her so proud of what now seems just small things but were great accomplishments back then. If you’re just leaving your teenage years, some day you’ll look back and recall these days that Mom made so special. You will realize then how truly special she is.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, young and old, may God bless you all the days of your lives, then welcome you home when your final day is done.

I’d best move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Some three weeks before many local media ran anything on American Idol, even before some family members were aware that Kree was a contestant, we broke the news. The way it came about was that all the contestants, from throughout the U.S., that had made the cut, were brought to Las Vegas. Kree had auditioned in Oklahoma and Pattie Hanks, who lives in Vegas, recognized the name Kree Harrison as a name she remembered of a young girl who sang Percy Sledge songs at Crocket Street and also at an Orangefield function. However, she knew that Kree wasn’t from Oklahoma and checked further on the long list of contestants. She found out she was the same Kree Harrison from back home. She emailed us and that’s how we broke the first Kree “American Idol” story. Many words have been written since. Some information not really correct. The Enterprise reported she was a native of Woodville. She was born at St. Mary Hospital, in Port Arthur, and the first two years of her life was spent in Groves. Another mistake that we even reported was that she attended high school in Woodville. She left Woodville after the eighth grade. The only public high school she ever attended was the ninth grade in Bridge City, 2004-05. She left Bridge City, as a freshman, to move to Nashville, the remainder of her high school education came from home schooling and private lessons. Kree spent 10 years of her childhood in Woodville and she considers that her home town. She came home over the weekend with the American Idol film crew for a parade in Woodville and a concert at Ford Park which will be shown on Wednesday’s show, FOX, at 7 p.m. This week the contestants will be reduced to the final two. Any of the remaining three are talented enough to win American Idol. Most critics agree Kree has the superior voice but that alone won’t win it. It depends on song selection, appearance and viewers vote. Public voting is the biggest factor so be sure and do so. Kree will make us proud.


BOYS: Bridge City, second seed from 21-3A vs. Sweeny, 24-3A champions, in best of 3. Game one will be played at LaPorte on Friday, 7 p.m., game two, noon Saturday, game three, if necessary, will follow.. The Bridge City prom is also Saturday evening. Unfortunately the field wasn’t available for a Thursday game.

Orangefield, third seed from District 21-3A vs. Furr, 23-3A champions. Game one will be Friday, 7 p.m. at Baytown Sterling. Game two, Saturday, 1 p.m. and game three, if necessary, following game 2.

GIRLS: Orangefield, third seed vs. Sweeny, second in Dist. 24-3A. Game on 7 p.m. Friday at Baytown Lee. The Lady Bobcats beat Furr 23-0 in three innings last week. A state record.

Little Cypress-Mauriceville, 20-4A champions vs. Nederland, third place. One game playoff Friday, 7 p.m. at Port Arthur. Best wishes to our Orange County teams.


15 Years Ago-1998

Longtime newspaper journalist Linda B. Farris opened doors to Mama’s Oldtime Mercantile, at 1205 N. 16th Street. The store has the appearance and atmosphere of the kind of store folks gathered at in the early 1900’s. Linda says, “When I was a little girl, I used to stand on a box at poppa’s store in Canton, Georgia to wait on customers. I have always planned to open an old general store like poppa’s.” (Editor’s note: I don’t know how long Linda’s store stayed open or when it closed. It was a unique store. What became of Linda anyway?)*****Jockey Kent Desormeaux, from Maurice, Louisiana, cousin of the Bonin twins Audrey and Flaudry, won the Kentucky Derby on “Real Quiet.” (Editor’s note: I haven’t heard from either of the Bonin girls since Ike. I wonder about those Vermillion Parish natives.)*****Salina Hebert, besides working two jobs, is carrying 17 hours at Lamar. Texas Tech had offered her a full ride for four more years and she has accepted. Her longtime boyfriend, T.J. Knight, will also move to Lubbock, work for a while and finish college. (Editor’s note: This fine young couple, Selina, daughter of Sherrie and the late Owen Hebert, married T.J., the son of Chris and the late Annie Lee Knight. They got their degrees, moved to Dallas and have pursued their careers and are raising their children.)******Ray Cotton’s Longhorn Club, in Vinton, burned. The blaze started at about 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning May 10. This was the third building Cotton has lost to fire. Two others burned in Texas where someone was prosecuted for setting the fires.*****More than 200 people attended Don and Alice Cole’s 50th anniversary party. Spotted in the large crowd were former tax collector Louvenia Hryhorchuk, the mayor of Pinehurst, Judge Pete Runnels, Judge Carl Thibodeaux, the Wade Grangers, Don’s two sisters and Alice’s sister from Mississippi just to name a few. The Cole youngsters did a great job putting the affair together.*****Louis Dugas says he’s noticed that civil lawyers call themselves attorneys. He also noticed when an attorney is arrested, he becomes a lawyer.

35 Years Ago-1978

County Attorney Sharon Bearden is expected to step down. Bearden has been a hard-working DA. A few names circulating as possible replacements are Joe Alford, Mike Shuff, Bill Wright and Jim Wallace, assistant DA.*****Three members of the Johnny Turner family were involved in a wreck at Little Cypress. Robbie Brown was driving. She was not in the wrong; the other driver was.*****Beth and Louis Dugas were in Dallas this weekend and held their grandbaby while son Clay and wife Nina both made their graduation  at the University of Dallas.*****In the Little Miss Orange County pageant, contestants are Tammy Titus, Heather Payne, Karla Michelle Buford, Monica Weeks, Denise Smith and Meredith Weeks.*****The Wild Bunch is playing at the Ramada Inn Loading Dock.*****Sudie Mae Miller Woodfin will celebrate her 90th birthday next week.*****One hundred Orange County students graduate from Lamar. Honor graduates include Gary Garrison, Roy Juneau, Mary Ann Kennon, Valarie Kirkindall, Lauryl Lopez, Charlotte Moberg, Chris Tiger, Michael Webb, Madelon Minton, Cynthia Degeyter, Susan Miller, Deborah Mulholland, Dorothy Pierce and William Watson.


Debra Truncale, Patty Cook, Ginger Hogden, Julie Allensworth, Alan Bates, Arlon Fields, Lee Legate, Doug Havens, C.L. Armstrong, Kevin LaRose, Lynn Scales, Justin Dupuis, Kelly Brown, Ken Reeves, Mary Callahan, Trudy Blair, Anna Hughes, Dalton Gilliam, Janice Wilkinson, Gerald Taylor, Gordon Brown, Jacqueline McGee, James Rogers, Johnnie Mae McKuster, Katie Hubbard, Patricia Williamson, Preslea Thibodeaux, Sharon Woolley, Stacie Dryden, Stacie Teaff, Candace Miller, Chuck Williams, Pat Collins, Bobby Keeling, Sarah Moreland, Scott Andes, Tami Vanderheiden, Sherry Walles, David Pitts, Charles Webb, Justin Roberts, Jerry Hardee, Bridgett Bonneaux, Hazel Heckendorf, Calvin Granger, Douglas Wilson, Mike McNair, Imogene McKinney, Jamie Garcia, Kate Jackson, Kristie Hughes, Melanie Wilderson, Renee Price, Ann Bryant, Bob Wood, Janis Goss, James Birdwell, Nikki Smith, L.K. Jarrell, Brad Johansson and Cortney Spring.


Happy 65th wedding anniversary to our friends Don and Alice Cole on May 8. That might not be a record but it’s a damn good average. Don turned 87 on April 29. We wish these good folks good health and happiness for many more years.*****We hear the Orange County Clerk’s office is undergoing a major software upgrade and data conversion in the Case Management System. County Clerk Vickie Edgerly says she will now be able to devote more time to her endeavor to get her Indexes and Images online with iDocket.*****Some folks we know celebrating their special day. On May 8, school teacher Ginger Hogden marks another birthday as does Debra Truncale and Patty Cook.***May 9 finds these good folks celebrating, Lynn Scales, Justin Dupuis, Anna Hughes and Dalton Gilliam.***May 10, longtime educator Shannon Woolley celebrates along with Katie Hubbard, Preslea Thibodeaux, Candace Miller and Gerald Taylor.***May 11 finds Pat Collins and Sarah Moreland celebrating.***May 12, Our friend Charlie Webb celebrates another birthday as does Jerry Hardee, Sherry Walles and Bridgett Bonneaux.***May 13, finds Nicole’s dad, Dusty Gibb’s father-in-law, educator Mike NcNair celebrating. He recently moved to Colorado and reads “The Record” online.***Longtime music teacher, Ann Bryant, marks her birthday so does Bob Wood, Kristie Hughes and Calvin Granger.***This would have been Imogene McKinney’s birthday also.***On May 14, Leah’s boy Brad Johannson and also our longtime buddy L.K. Jarrell and Nikki Smith celebrate.***Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list.*****MSNBC has signed “Hardball” host Chris Matthews to a new, long term contract. As part of the new deal however, he will end “The Chris Matthews Show.” Meanwhile, Maria Shriver returns to NBC and will appear on MSNBC and CNBC. She left television to be first lady of California from 2003 to 2011. She and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger have since split after he fathered a child with their housekeeper.*****Retired County Clerk Molly Theriot and her husband Ed are doing just fine after they were in an 18 wheeler wreck near Branson, Missouri a few weeks ago. The driver of the 18-wheeler suffered a broken wrist but Ed and Molly came out unscathed.*****Jockey, Joel Rosario, won the Kentucky Derby on Orb. Cajun, Calvin Borel, came in third on Revolutionary. The Preakness is next on May 18, but Orb will apparently skip that race. Sunday, he was shipped home to Belmont Park, New York, where the last Triple Crown race will be run June 8.*****Good news: The massive U.S. deficit is shrinking very fast. It’s come from a peak of $1.4 trillion, in 2009, and is forecast to drop to $845 billion this year and just half of that next year, with a drop to $430 billion. In fact, during the three months ending June 30, for the first time in six years, a quarterly surplus will be run. Just think how good things could be if Congress and the White House could get on the same page and Congress would quit fighting everything, like the jobs bill and fix the sequester, which is costing 700,000 government jobs. Unemployment, mostly in the private sector, has dropped to 7.5 percent, the lowest in five years. Wall Street booms, record set and stocks are over $15,000.  Think about how far the country has come from the worst recession since the Great Depression four years ago when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month.*****Peggy, at Peggy’s on the Bayou, says she will feed Mom, on Mother’s Day, for half price. A great meal on the bayou.*****County Clerk Deputy Brandy Robertson will celebrate a special Mother‘s Day this year. On May 10, she and her retired professional baseball player husband Roderick, will celebrate their fifth anniversary, May 11 will mark 10 years in the County Clerk’s office and on May 12 she will be honored by her three sons on Mother’s Day. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and back to Novrozsky’s next. A great bunch of folks to break bread with. Everyone is always welcome to join, 12 noon.*****We spotted retired County Treasurer, Vergie Moreland, at the Orange Public Library working as presiding judge in Early Voting.*****Don’t forget the big 16th annual Orange County Law Enforcement Bass Tournament to be held Saturday, May 18. You may enter the tournament Friday, May 17  or May 18 before 6 a.m For more information contact Perry Swiney at 409-779-3636.


Sostan Thibodeaux and Clovis Comeaux entered a chocolate store in a mall in Lafayette. Wen dey was looking at da candy dem, Thibodeaux stole tree chocolate bars. Wen dey left da store Thib told Comeaux, “I’m da best tief me, I stole tree chocolate bars and no one saw me put dem in my pocket.” “You can’t beat dat.”

Comeaux replied, “You want to see something better, let’s go back to dat shop, I’ll show you real stealing, me. I’ll steal while dat shopkeeper is looking right at me and he won’t even know.”

Dey walked up to da counter and Comeaux axe the clerk, “Do you want to see a great magic trick?” 

Da clerk replied, “Yes.”

Comeaux say, “Give me dem tree chocolate bars dere.”

Da clerk give dem to Comeaux and he ate all tree of dem. Da clerk him axe, “Where’s da magic, hanh?”

Comeaux answer, “Jus look in Thibodeaux’s pocket.”


Among the many compliments we received on our anniversary edition was a nice letter from Darryl Segura thanking us for providing such a good publication to the community. You might recall Darryl was on the 1966 Bridge City state football team. He is also the son of the late Ann and Jimmy Segura. We have known Darryl since he was a little boy. He’s a true Bridge Cityite, who loves his community and works daily to improve it.**** We also had a visit with gospel singer Helen Clark. Penny has written a story on Ms. Helen that I look forward to reading.*****I understand Rodney Townsend’s annex problem with Port Arthur has been resolved. Read the story.*****Dalton Ivy ran his auto off in a canal on Hwy. 87-South. The car went under water and Chris Harvey, a Beaumont fireman, came along, jumped in the water and rescued him.*****Don’t miss Ms. Pearl’s Mother’s Day poem in this issue.*****The folks at Pestco want you to know the “Skeeters” are coming and they guarantee that they can free you of the pest and all others.*****I would like to extend thanks to Lynn and Ike, at Muddy Water Marina, for the nice mess of crabs. They have a unique place to eat and make the best barbecue sandwich, on a sourdough bun, I’ve ever eaten. Stop by for breakfast or lunch.*****I’ve got to get out of here but I’ll tell you this week’s Cajun Story cracks me up whenever I think about it and picture the situation. I know it’s rude to laugh at your own joke but it’s funny. Be sure and patronize our family of advertisers whenever you can. Thank you very much for your loyalty and time. Don’t forget Mother. Take care and God bless.