Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between May 10, 11, 12, and the morning of May 13:

Public intoxication, Burton and 6th St.
Abandoned vehicle, Edgar Brown at Bluebonnet
Traffic arrest, 3745 Kenwood
Assault/family violence, 205 Myer
Warrant service, 1600 16th St.
Found property, 3701 N. 16th St.
Damaged property, 710 12th St.
Damaged property, 803 / 805 14th St.
Assist public, 2309 6th St.
Traffic arrest, 16th St. and Sunset
Public service, 1200 block Dupont
Traffic accident, 333 Lutcher
Public service, Bob Hall and Cordrey
Traffic accident, 3200 16th St.
Traffic arrest, 600 Morrell
Warrant service, 11916 Hwy. 62
Aggravated assault, 17 Colburn
Public service, 212 W. Ohio
Damaged property, 1108 Curtis
Public service, 6th and Knox
Robbery, 3333 Ridgemont
Suspicious vehicle, Northway Park
Vehicle impound request, 1110 14th St. (alley)
Warrant service, 4258 Darlene
Weapons offense, 333 Lutcher
Damaged property, 2025 International Ave.
Stolen vehicle, 1720 Lutcher Dr.
Warrant service, 527 Bilbo