An Orange woman was arrested after police responded to a missing property call. Police were dispatched to the EconoLodge, in the 2900 block of Lutcher Dr., on May 15. Upon arrival, Oficer J.M. Busby made contact with the suspect, 46 year old Rebecca Sue Marange.

While speaking with Marange, police observed a small pink 10 gram plastic bag, labeled as KLIMAX, sitting on a night stand near the bed. The bag had been opened, and had a useable amount of the substance inside it. There were also six small burnt cigars, which contained a useable amount of what police believed to be synthetic marijuana. Marange told police that the synthetic marijuana was hers.

A check of the room turned up three orange pill bottles in the top drawer if Marange’s dresser. The bottles contained, Neurontin, Ibuprofin and Abilify, noen of which belonged to Marange.

After finishing a check of the room, the complainant told officers that all missing items had been returned to him, and that he did not want to pursue charges against Marange. However, due to the fact that Marange was found to be in possession of synthetic marijuana, she was placed into custody for possession of the drug.