Kree Harrison, may have come in second place on the popular tv show American Idol, but she is certainly not second to anyone.

During the finale show, when the winner’s name, Candace Glover, was called, Harrison graciously smiled and hugged Glover to congratulate her.

Harrison later told her grandmother, Beverly Mire, of Groves, who attended the show, she was “not at all disappointed” and “loved the whole experience.”

Harrison recently released a single, “All Cried Out” which is available for downloads through iTunes. The song is said to be “climbing the charts.”

The acoustic ballad is filled with emotion and told from the perspective of a son or daughter weeping over the passing of a parent. “Left all the flowers in the living room; shook every hand I didn’t know; stacked all the cards I’ll read to you when I get alone,” she sings in the first verse. “I made the bed hung your favorite dress, mailed all the letters that you saved, broke the news over every call that you couldn’t make.”

Harrison knows first hand about losing parents at a young age. At 12 years old, the future music star lost her father in a terrifying plane crash. Later, in a twist of fate, she lost her mother in a car accident. She channeled all her hurt and energy into this stirring song.

Following a grueling tour with other American Idol contestants, with 40 concerts in a two month period, Harrison will return to Nashville to start recording an album.

Some of the cities on the tour include, Houston, on July 28 and other cities across the country. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

“She is really excited about the tour,” Mire said.

Harrison has formed special friendships with her fellow contestants.

Harrison will share the stage with fellow country singers, Kelly Pickler and Idol judge Keith Urban on June 4 at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

‘She loves where she is now,’ Mire said. “She couldn’t be happier.”

Harrison who lived in Woodville as a young girl, had becoming a star on her mind from the start.  Harrison began performing at an early age when she was three years old. As a young girl, she performed at the Jasper Lion’s Club rodeo and area ball parks singing the National Anthem.  She also attended Bridge City schools before making her way to Nashville.

During a recent press conference, Harrison said it is the fast paced lifestyle of being on American Idol which is “difficult” but feels in the end it will all be worth it.

“It’s such a big step in your life to do something like this,” Harrison said.

When asked if it was everything she ever dreamed of, she replied, it is a lot more than she ever thought.

“To be able to do this for the rest of my life would be like living a dream,” she said.

Harrison was 14 years old when she wrote her first song, “Bring Me Sunshine.”

One of her biggest moments on American Idol, according to Harrison, was when she connected to the lyrics of the song, “See You Again.”

Harrison’s genre is typically country music, but has been known to sing songs of different types including blues. Fans have shown the love for her and are sure to follow her lead, no matter where it takes them since she surely is reaching for the stars.