Officers with the Orange Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between May 15 and May 21:

May 15:
Criminal mischief, 2590 N. Main St./Super Stop #4, Vidor
Theft, 205 Border St., Orange
Unusual circumstance, 8000 W. FM 1130, Orange
Possession of controlled substance, N. Main at Spoonemore, Vidor
Vehicle in ditch, Connell and Cherokee

May 16:
Suspicious vehicle, Aloha, Vidor
Burglary of motor vehicle, 5915 Corrigan Rd., Vidor
Criminal mischief, 205 Border St., Orange

May 17:
Follow-up, 8500 Loblolly, Orange
Assault, 5013 Oak Ln., Orange
Theft, 2860 N. Tram Rd., Vidor
Fraud, 2403 Michelle St., Orange
Welfare concern, 8110 Wade Rd., Orange
Burglary of motor vehicle, 2790 Dewitt Dr., Orange
Disturbance, 9405 Terri Ln., Orange
Criminal mischief, 140 Tyler Dr., Orange

May 18:
Animal bite, 1055 Kent St., Vidor
Threats, 6468 Burdine St., Mauriceville
Theft, 458 Buster, Orange
Welfare concern, FM 1131, near Hwy. 105, Vidor

May 19:
Death investigation, 1220 Evangeline Ln., Vidor
Runaway, 8000 Melcer Dr., Orange
Burglary of motor vehicle, 11477 Hwy. 12/Mauriceville Assembly of God Church, Mauriceville

May 20:
Theft, 8049 Hwy. 62 N./S&S Scrap Metal, Orange
Suspicious vehicle, 1430 N. Main St., Vidor
Runaway, 3837 Hwy. 87 S., Bridge City
Disturbance, Live Oak and S. Main, Vidor
Burglary of habitation, 5885 Broussard Cr., Orange
Theft, 5868 Rebel Rd., Vidor
Disturbance, 8370 Edgar Dr., Orange

May 21:
Possession of marijuana, IH-10 E. Orange
Criminal mischief, 1666 Bluebonnet St., Vidor
Burglary of habitation, 3113 Simon Dr., Orange
Fraud, 4219 N. Hwy. 62, Orange
Animal bite, 9293 Lynne Cr., Orange