The Little Cypress-Mauriceville staff discovered who the District teachers of the year were on Monday, during the annual End of year Recognition Celebration. Debbie Veillon of Little Cypress Intermediate, and Rhonda Brady of Mauriceville Middle were named Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year.

The District ToY are selected from all of the campus Teachers of the Year, who were selected by their campus peers. Besides Veillon and Brady, the Campus Teachers of the Year for each campus were Terry Morris, LCM High School; Cassie Bishop, Little Cypress Junior High; Karen Kachtik, Little Cypress Elementary; and Sharon Bussell, Mauriceville Elementary.

All of the six applications are sent to anonymous judges, who are educators, from outside of the LCM District. Each judge ranks their choices from one to three for both elementary and secondary. The District winners’ applications are then sent to Region V for judging at the area level.

Pictured from left  are: Assistant Superintendent Greg Perry, Elementary Teacher of the Year Debbie Veillon, Secondary Teacher of the Year Rhonda Brady, and Superintendent Dr. Pauline Hargrove.