The Bridge City Police Department recently acquired two new patrol vehicles to add to their fleet.

The 2013 Dodge Charger and 2013 Ford Explorer will replace to other vehicles which had high mileage on them. They still have a total of nine vehicles to patrol the streets of Bridge City to make it a safer place to live. But, the SUV is the only one of its’ kind for the BCPD.

These two vehicles were part of the annual budget, according to Brad Frye, of the BCPD.

In the next budget year, the police department will add another vehicle to their fleet.

The two newest vehicles will feature new graphics on the sides. Gone are the bold colors which have been replaced with “ghost writing” which can be more readily seen when the lights reflect off of it. The new patrol vehicles are also cageless, which is a partition  between the front seats and the back seat.

According to Ronnie Denton, of the Bridge City Police Department, if a person is needed to be transported and are of a violent nature, then one of the other patrol vehicles may transport them instead.

In addition, the newest vehicle do not have lights on top of the vehicle, but inside the front and rear windshields. The SUV has room for a storage compartment too.

Denton gives credit for the new vehicles to the police chief, Paul Davis.

The vehicles give the officer a comfortable and safe ride during the long 12-hour shifts.

“It’s easy to get in and out of,” Denton said. He adds, which sometimes when in a rush can come in handy.

Officers Bennett and Denton stand by the newest additions to the Bridge City Police Departments’s patrol vehicles which were purchased through their annual budget.