David Rainey originally began practicing TaeKwonDo in September 1995, continued his training until October of 1996 when he reached the level of senior brown belt. He left his training to pursue other opportunities at that time. In October of 2010 his son, Matthew Rainey joined Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City as a White Belt. He wanted his father to join as well so David told his son, “When you become the same rank I left off on I will join with you and train in TaeKwonDo.”

When Matthew earned his L2 Brown Belt in February of 2012, he approached his father and said,”Dad, I’ve earned my Brown Belt. You know what that means!” David joined the next week.

“As a parent, it has been a positive father/son journey that allows us to bond,” said David Rainey. “Also, I am in the U.S. Army Reserves and have been away for several years being mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The time we spend at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City gives me time to spend with one of my three boys. I spend time with select baseball with my youngest and soccer with my eldest.”

“It was awesome to see both David and Matthew Rainey achieve their first black belts at the same time,” stated Academy owner, Elyse Thibodeaux. “They have both become very accomplished martial artists.

Pictured above: Father, David Rainey and son, Matthew Rainey both received their first black belts at the same time at Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Bridge City