The Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between June 5 and June 12:

June 5:
Theft, 8550 Loblolly Rd., Orange
Animal bite, 3299 Huff Dr., Orange
Welfare concern, 10658 Hwy. 12, Orange

June 6:
Disturbance, 3445 Ponderosa St., Vidor
Sexual assault, Noah St., Orange
Fraud, 5249 Church House Rd., Vidor

June 7:
Theft, 1993 Foreman Rd./RESCAR, Inc., Orange
Death investigation, Operators Ln., Vidor
Disturbance, 925 Courmier St., Vidor
Theft, 135 Hardin St., Vidor
Recovery of stolen vehicle (City of Groves), Elmira Rd., Orange
Theft, 3218 Ann Dr., Orange
Theft, 130 Pleasant St., Vidor
Theft, 10265 Hwy. 62 N., Orange
Welfare concern, Hwy. 87/Rainbow Bridge

June 8:
Disturbance, 1520 Cheyenne Dr., Vidor
Recovery of property, FM 1136 (near Stori Ln.), Orange
Disturbance, 832 Craft Ln., Orange
Debit card abuse, 8812 Old Hwy. 90, Orange
Follow-up, 1300 Concord St., Orange
Theft, 17218 Hwy. 62 S., Orange
Disturbance, 5377 Humble Rd., Orange
Trespass, 7796 Wade Rd., Orange

June 9:
Public intoxication, FM 1443 and FM 105/Country Store, Orange
Assault/family violence, 2915 Laura Ln., Orange
Trespass, 7796 Wade Rd., Orange
Disturbance, 9396 Bill Ln., Orange

June 10:
Possession of synthetic marijuana/liquid codeine, FM 1132 and IH-10, Orange
Burglary of motor vehicle, 1720 Hickory Hill St., Vidor
Assist other agency, 205 Border St., Orange
Burglary of habitation, 755 Poplar St., Vidor
Burglary of motor vehicle, 7071 S. Bilbo Rd., Orange
Assault, 10170 Old Hwy. 87, Orange

June 11:
Disturbance, 1445 Evangeline Ln., Vidor
Burglary of motor vehicle, 3010 Call St., Vidor
Traffic arrest, FM 1130/Bilbo, Orange
Disturbance, 4855 Monroe, Vidor
Burglary of motor vehicle, 2565 Crestwood St., Vidor
Civil, 4927 Slabby
Family violence, 5630 Broussard Cir., Orange