Locally the big news for over a week has been youngsters at Bridge City swimming in Cow Bayou. More ink and airtime has been used up on this one subject than any other. That shows how slow the news is. Youngsters have been swimming in Cow Bayou for 60 years that I know of. Problem is there wasn’t a boat ramp. Cow Bayou swimming is a tradition and for the most part those are not bad kids, its just normal summer fun. After all there’s not a whole bunch to do around Bridge City but now the youngsters have messed in their own nest. What should have happened is that officials gather the leaders and tell them, “Guys, if you don’t govern yourselves, the government will.” That’s exactly what happened. The kids brought the heat on themselves. Now if they will honor the 50 feet from the middle, they won’t have a problem. The leaders among the group will have to step up and see that everyone has safe summer fun and confront those who are not. Kids never have problems when they weed out the trouble makers. There you go, I’ve added my ink to  the news of the day.*****Polls indicate Americans favor NSA surveillance programs, NSA chief testifies that 50 terrorist plots have been prevented since 9-11. In today’s world such programs are necessary to keep our country safe. It’s not red meat for politicians.*****  Personally, I’m not in favor of women being on the front line of battle. There’s a lot they can do but fighting out of a fox hole just doesn’t sit right with me.*****Penny says she had a lot of fun at Cotton’s all new bingo hall and she’s convinced me. She says it’s really a nice place and I’m going.***** Now I best get getting on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the big changes in the local television market. At first I thought my TV remote was lying to me. Kerry Cooper, longtime Channel Six weatherman, was doing weather on FOX. Then I noticed the news folks on Channel 12, ABC, and the ones at NBC were interchanging. Everyone is playing musical chairs but the anchors. The reason is that Channel 6 and Channel 4 have merged and Channel 12 and NBC have also merged. That really just leaves us with only two TV news outlets but another big change is coming. Gannett Company that owns USA TODAY and also the people who have been printing our papers for years, have purchased Belo Corp. for $2.2 billion. Belo has owned Channel 6 through the years. The 20 station purchase will give Gannett 43 TV stations so more changes are coming to the local TV market. Gannett paid $13.75 a share or about $1.5 billion in cash and assumed $715 million in debt. Gannett shares jumped 34 percent while Belo shares surged 28.3 percent Thursday. Gannett owns 84 newspapers.


7 Years Ago-2006

BCISD shuffles cards. Principals reassigned. Four new teachers hired. When Gina Mannino graduated from Bridge City High School in 1984, she never imagined she would one day become principal of her hometown Alma Mater. She becomes the first graduate of BCHS to head the school as principal. She replaced Terry Stuebing when he and wife, Ella, both retired. Tara Fountain replaced Ella at Intermediate. She is a 1993 grad of Orangefield.*****Jessica Blanda, daughter of Coach Joe and Terri Blanda, a Bridge City student was named “Student of the Month” by the Bridge City Chamber.*****Donna Peterson, 70, on Wednesday threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Astor game at Minute Maid Park. She was nominated by her daughter, Major Donna Peterson Jr., for her mother’s heroics during Hurricane Rita. *****Eugene Pousson, 76, died June 14. *****Freda Ross Dunn, 73, of Mauriceville, died June 17. She is survived by husband of 53 years, Bill Dunn, and four children. (Editor’s note: Since then Bill has also passed away.)*****Paula Kay Broussard Swiney, 47, died June 17. She was the wife of William “Perry” Swiney. *****Paige Leanne Smith became the bride of Mathew Kyle Austin, June 17, at Winfree Baptist Church. *****Bridge City Little League 11-year-old All Stars named. Bryce Sampere, Preston Pittman, Collin Gros, Hayden Guidry, Eric Truncale, Revel Diabo, Colin Smith, Adrian Schubarth, Ashton Hasyter, Aubrey Harrington, Reagan Ficken, Clint Delahoussaye.***12-Year-old All Stars, Matt Menard, Mitchell Hubbard, Jacob Lemoine, Cameron Dishon, Camaron Coulter, Austin Scales, Jacob Brown, Jeremy Watkins, Justin Bradley, Kenton Hill, Sterling Deslatte, Zachary Smith. (Editor’s note: Both teams advanced after winning region to the state playoffs.)

37 Years Ago-1976

Chairman W.T. Oliver, of the Bridge City-Orangefield Community Center fund drive, reports that $20,000 has been collected of the $400,000 goal. He predicts the money will be raised and a victory banquet will be held August 12 at Wayside Inn. (Editor’s note: W.T. was the world’s greatest optimist.)*****Sam Naifeh, of Orange, was nominated at the Demo convention in Fort Worth, to be a delegate to the National convention by the Fourth Senatorial District delegates. Orange County Democratic Chairman, Pete Runnels, and longtime Demo activist, Bob Montagne, came away from the convention with the feeling that Orange County hadn’t gotten its share and weren’t treated fairly by our neighbors. Montagne said, “That’s alright, there will be another day.” (Editor’s note: Bob meant that someone was due payback, he didn’t forget his friends or his enemies.)*****Bridge City policemen Bernis Bobbit and Steve Faircloth, under the direction of Police Chief Wilson Roberts, arrested KOGT manager Richard Corder for entering Bridge City without wearing a beard. The officers reported the hardest part was fitting him in the back seat while handcuffed. He paid his fine and was released. B.C. folks are growing beards in observance of the 1776 Bicentennial. *****One of the county’s sexiest ladies, Judy Wyatt, celebrates her birthday June 26. *****Gayle Drake replaces Joe Williamson as Harmon Chevrolet’s new car salesman. Joe has moved to Dallas. *****Louisiana Hayride comes to Little Cypress-Mauriceville. Perry Lapointe, Karen Wiltz, Pam Folsom and Doug Childers, local talent, will entertain. *****Sis Keogh was excited to meet Sen. Ralph Yarborough at the Democratic convention. Bob Sanders, former Orange County Democratic chairman, visited the delegation. (Editor’s note: sis is now a resident of an assisted living home in Beaumont. Husband Mike has passed away and also her mom, Mrs. Lormand.)*****The Golden Triangle Savings and Loan of Bridge City holds groundbreaking ceremonies at its new building site at Roundbunch and Bland Street. Contractor is Bill McBride, Roy Ingram is manager and Sue Eldridge is secretary.


Betty Norwood, Wyetta Carter, Shelby Permenter, Chelsie Moerbe, Cortnie Moerbe, Marianne Choate, William (Bill) Rigby, Myrtle Howell, Frankie Allen, Keith Kay, Marie Norton, Justin Roberts, Debbie Johansson, Gregory Darbonne, Loretta Beck, Lynda Phillips, Tyler Bailey, Dustin Hartsfield, Sarah Claybar, Sharon Wright, Wesley Darbonne, Dan Dumas, David Dubose, John Cooper, Melanie Broussard, Don Finley, Paul Richardson, Gean Hammett, Caitlin Wells, Charlene Braus, Nora Anne Minor, Phyllis Nimitz, Mary Foreman, Laurie Louvier, Ken Johnson, Roberta Overstreet, Sissy Braus, Betty Merchant, Jeania Craus, Kim Turbeville, Jaden Trahan, Ronnie Broussard, Barbara Garza, Wesley Smith, Amanda Adams, Judy Gerrald, Kathy Marsh, Erin McFarlane, Chris Humble and Linda Taylor.



Darrell Segura and the Bridge City Historical Society will present the 2nd annual “Born on the Bayou” 4th of July celebration on Cow Bayou. The event starts at 5 p.m. with live music by “Three Legged Dawg,” performing until dark, when the fireworks start. Food will be available, also the Bridge City Fire Department will sell links. The party will take place at one of the most beautiful spots in Orange County, the old Joe Bailey location, the future home of City Park and Museum. Eleven year old Madison Juneau will sing the Naional Anthem. Darrell welcomes the entire community to come out, get together for this great celebration. It‘s free to the public.*****Believe it or not but an opera is developing on the life of Orange native Bum Phillips. Texan Luke Leonard is producing the epic based on Bum, football, Houston Oilers and the Astrodome. If everything goes well, the Bum opera is set to open in New York in early 2014. Bum, who had been in poor health, is approaching 90 years old. His health has improved but these days he‘s often confined to a wheel chair but can still get around. He and son Wade are both natives of Orange. *****Ron Roberts is retiring from Orange Savings Bank. A reception will be held Thursday, June 20; from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Ron is a good guy. Best wishes in retirement. *****Congrats to Bridge City native Jessica Lemoine, who was hired as new PN-G softball coach. Jessica had been at Gilmer where she posted a 22-9-1 record. The PN-G job brings her back closer to home plus she climbs from a 3A to 4A school. Coach Lemoine is a former Bridge City High School and Louisiana Lafayette softball star.*****A little strange: After vetoing a $7.5 million state appropriation bill in an attempt to force Travis County DA to resign, Perry took off for Hartford, Conn. In search of gun manufactures to come to Texas after Connecticut, Gov. Darnel Malloy signed new gun restrictions into law after 26 children and teachers were killed in New Town. Perry pitched Texas as a place to make guns. Meanwhile, he wants to get rid of Austin DA Rosemary Lechmberg because she got a DWI. I guess he won‘t be pitching for alcohol makers to come to Texas. *****Eddie and Pam Free’s son, Kellen, married pretty Jenna Smith at the Brown Center a few days ago. Nice wedding. Also while mentioning Skipper‘s kids, son Scott Free is a new granddad,  his daughter Taylor and husband Dustin are the proud parents of a big boy, Parker Walker Martin. Skipper is a great-grandma again. *****I sit here wondering who will win the Voice competition. Danielle Bradberry, a 16-year-old from Cypress, Texas, is a born star. Michelle Chermuel, 26, is also a real sensation but the Swon Brothers, from Oklahoma, have it made win or lose. They will be recording stars. I hope your choice won. As for me, I‘ll be watching game six of the NBA championships.*****A few folks celebrating their birthdays this week. “Juneteenth” June 19, is the birthday of twins, Chelsea and Cortnie Moerbe, also celebrating on that day are Billy Rigby and Shelby Permenter.*****Celebrating June 20 are Keith Kay, Debbie Johansson, Lynda Phillips and Justin Roberts.***June 21, the first day of summer which promises to be a hot one is the birthday of Coach Wade Phillips, born in Orange 66 years ago. His dad, Bum, was also born in Orange 89 years ago.***Others celebrating are Commissioner David Dubose, John Cooper, (we haven’t heard anything about John lately), Sarah Claybar, Dan Dumas, Dustin Hartsfield and Tyler Bailey. ***On June 22, Charlene Braus, Phyllis Nimitz and Gean Hammett celebrate.***On June 23, Grady Johnson’s boy, Ken, is a year older, also Sissy Braus, Laurie Louvier and Many Foreman.***June 24 was the birthday of our friend, the late “Buckshot” Winfree, born in 1938. He died three years ago next week on July 2.***June 24 is also the birthday of our friend and former employee Amanda Adams, who now works for the Stark Foundation and is the mother of twins, Luke and Mason and Kathy Marsh, Dwayne “Tobby” Marsh’s better half. She’s the best thing that ever happened to that clown. ***On June 25 in 1950, the U.S. entered the Korean War. I remember it well. Just five years earlier we had ended WWII that took so many American lives. Our buddy Constable Chris Humble celebrates on this day along with Linda Taylor and Erin McFarlane. Happy birthday to all.*****Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that since 2011, oil production in the United States is up over a million barrels of oil a day. The newspaper predicted that the U.S. will be the world’s largest exporter of oil in 2020. That’s just seven years away. The U.S. is already the fastest growing non OPEC oil producer. We probably will never see $2 gas, but we should never again be dependant on foreign oil. Our energy policy is working. *****Former State Representative Wayne Peveto was in the County Clerk‘s office recently telling Karen Jo, “He should have retired sooner“ and she was taking notes. Oh no, Karen Jo can‘t go.*****U.S. Caucasians to be minority in 30 years, long after I’m gone. America’s racial and ethnic minorities now make up half of the under five age group. The decline in the U.S. White population has been occurring more quickly than expected. White deaths now exceed births. The minority makes up 49.9 percent of the population. Hispanic, 17 percent; Blacks, 12.3 percent; Asians, 5 percent and multiracial Americans, 2.4 percent. *****Retired County Clerk Chief Deputy Irene Pachuca just returned from a family trip to New Mexico. A really good time was had be all.*****Patsy Pecks’ escorted traveling group just returned from a fantastic trip to Napa Valley, with San Francisco highlights. It was a small group of couples with Patsy and Ellen Ray attending to every need. Patsy also did another trip for a longtime Bridge City couple Dale and Debbie Etheridge in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary. Dale got Patsy to plan the entire Mediterranean cruise out so he could present it to Debbie as a surprise. They just returned and had a wonderful, stress free trip thanks to Patsy Peck Travel. What a great anniversary present.*****Former County Treasurer Vergie Moreland, now retired, is remodeling her home again. It could be featured in Home and Garden magazine. Husband Larry says this is the last time. Yeah, right!***** USA Today reported Monday that not only the Tea Party was targeted by IRS but many Liberal groups were mentioned by name and were put on the IRS “Look Out” list.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and back at Novrozsky’s next. Everyone is always welcome.


Clovis Fontenot was reading da Laffayett paper when he came across an ad for a cow for sale in Ville Platte wat gave tree gallons of milk a day. He hook up his trailer and went to see bout buying da cow.

Da owner confirmed that she sure gave tree gallons but dat she did something strange. He told Clovis to pull on one of her utters. He did and the cow mooed. He tried it again and she mooed again. Clovis thought, I can put up wit dat for tree gallons of milk a day.

Da next day his friend Sostan Comeaux stopped by. Clovis showed him his new cow and told him to pull on her utter. Sure nuff, she mooed. Sostan axe, “Clovis, did you buy dis cow in Ville Platt?”

“I sure did, “ he answered, “But how you know dat hanh?”

Sostan say, “Mais, because I use to date an ol’ gal from Ville Platt, me.”



A new search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains began Monday in a field 45 miles from Detroit, outside the Oakland Township. A lot of slab has been crushed looking for Hoffa’s body. He was kidnapped from a restaurant parking lot on July 30, 1975. His case is one of the 20th century’s most vexing mysteries. The new lead came from Tony Zerilli, 85, the son of former Detroit mob boss, Joseph Zerilli, who told that Hoffa, 62, was buried there. The FBI believes Zerilli’s father gave the order to kill Hoffa. Dan Moldea, author of the book, “The Hoffa Wars” believes Zerilli’s tip is the best yet. “He’s not a screwball,” Moldea said. Hoffa was supposed to meet Tony Provenzano and Tony Jack Giacalone at the restaurant. Those two mob captains would have had to have had the younger Zerilli’s dad to sign off on the killing. I’m not placing any bet that this is the time they find Hoffa. *****I’m not shedding any tears over the “Little Rat” Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s defeat in Iran. New president Hassan Rowhani can’t be any worse. The population in Iran is young, partially westernized and tired of suffering through inflation and shortages caused by the U.S. sanctions. Their discontent is sure to grow. I’m betting the new government will recognize that and at least not be as extreme. It won’t change overnight however. If the diplomatic window starts closing, I believe that’s the time to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. Get it over with, then remove the sanctions and let the country return to normal. *****

“Ride Sally Ride.” I sit here on Tuesday, June 18, wondering where the years have gone. It was 30 years ago today that Sally Ride became the first woman to fly in space.***** Chris Cuomo, formerly with ABC, has launched a new morning show on CNN. The show airs from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. in direct competition with MSNBC Morning Joe. Meanwhile, FOX News has brought back Sarah Palin. *****In the United States, new housing starts are at a seven year high. That’s always a good sign. I still believe the country would be booming if the Congress, 18 months ago, would not have defeated the Jobs Bill. By the way, a new poll out Monday shows this Congress as the worst in history, with only a 10 percent approvable rating. The President’s numbers have also fallen under 50 percent. All the bashing is taking its toll but is it helping the country? ***** Well, that’s the way the world turns in 2013. I’ve gotta get out of here. Thanks for your time. Please read us cover to cover, shop our family of advertisers and check us out at Take care and God bless.