The Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between June 21, 22, 23, and the morning of June 24:

Burglary, 305 W. Dewey Ave.
Damaged property, 6111 16th St.
Harassment, 4800 Bb Hall Rd.
Stolen vehicle, 2010 3rd St.
Warrant service, 115 Border St.
Warrant service, 305 Border St.
Burglary, 2412 Oak Ln.
Warrant service, 115 Border
Traffic accident, 2424 16th St.
Damaged property, 3859 Cochran
Warrant service, 14th and Cordrey
Burglary, 2406 8th St.
Obstruct court order, 201 8th St.
Warrant service, 1021 4th St.
Warrant service, 4th and Morrell
Damaged property, 401 37th St.
Warrant service, 400 Burton
Traffic accident, Hwy. 87 and FM 3247
Public intoxication, 816 Arkansas Ave.
Assist public, 2900 IH-10
Theft, 924 W. Bancroft
Found property, 1708 IH-10
Warrant service, 205 Border
Attempted suicide, W. Cypress Ave.
Missing person, 201 8th St.
Warrant service, 6th and Decatur
Evading detention, Simmons and John
Stolen vehicle, 201 8th St.
Damaged property, 111 Pine Ave.
Warrant service, 3819 Meeks Dr.
Animal call, 3330 Bowling Ln.
Warrant service, 201 8th St.