The Capital One bank located at 3738 16th Street was robbed at 3:24 p.m. Tuesday for the second time within a year.

The suspect believed to be an older man wearing a wig, khaki pants and a black shirt entered the bank. He quietly gave a teller a note demanding money but did not display a weapon.  He was wearing a knee brace on his right leg and is about six feet tall. It was all “very low-key” and nobody was alerted as to what was happening at the time.

The teller gave him an undetermined amount of cash and he fled the scene.

He left the bank on foot and got into his vehicle, a teal two-door Saturn, which was parked behind Texas State Optical. He fled the scene heading south on 16th Street, according to Captain Cliff Hargrave of Orange Police Department.

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call OPD at 409-882-1026.

The last time the bank was robbed was July 27. 2012. Arrested and charged with the robbery is James Hunter Bergeron, 22, of Sulphur, La.

Bergeron wearing a black cowboy hat and tattered jeans patiently waited in line behind other customers with a bank bag under his arm. When it was his turn he reportedly approached the teller and presented her with a note demanding money. She complied and he took back the note before leaving. Witnesses reported he got into a white pickup truck which was parked in an adjacent parking lot and fled the scene. He was turned in by friends a few days later after they saw the reports of the bank robbery.