The Addams Family Musical Comedy was so much fun at the Lutcher Theater. It had all the trademark bits of the classic series and the movies but with the addition of great songs that kept the audience in an upbeat mood.

The classic opening theme song had many in the audience adding the required snaps on cue. The entire cast was there, including cameo appearances by Thing and Cousin It.

All the familiar bits were included. Wednesday of course tortured Pugsley and Uncle Fester lit light bulbs by putting them in his mouth. Gomez played with his sword. Each actor embodied the iconic character we grew up with. Gomez and Morticia even Tangoed before the show was over

Nicole Gibbs said Lurch, played by Dan Olson, was her favorite character in the production.

“I really loved it when he hurried,” she said, moving her arms quickly back and forth as Lurch did in the show.

The ancestors were a neat addition. All were dressed in white to signify they were spirits.

Wednesday is in love and wants to get married. She tells her father, but makes him promise not to tell his mother. That was almost the end of Morticia and Gomez. He had never kept anything from Morticia before and she almost didn’t forgive him. But love prevails in the end. Gomez gets Morticia, Wednesday gets Lucas Beineke and Uncle Fester gets the moon.

It was a standing O at the curtain call.

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