A young Bridge City boy isn’t old enough for a driver’s license, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching speeds up to 78 miles per  hour.

The need for speed is what 11-year-old Terry Champeaux Jr., of Bridge City, is searching for in order to fulfill  his love of racing.

Champeaux’s latest venture is junior drag racing. The seventh grader races his 2002 dragster on an 1/8 mile strip in about 8,9 seconds. He averages about 76 miles per hour as he races to the finish line.

Area dragster officials were impressed with the youngsters efforts. He placed as runner-up in the finals in Evadale.

‘There is money to be made too other than just trophies,” Terry Sr.  said.

But, mostly they do it to be a father-son team and do something they love. For Terry Sr., most importantly, it is to see his son happy.

Champeaux Jr.  started driving mini-bikes, go-carts and four-wheelers, but switched to dragsters in August 2012. He is said to be  “hands-on” and likes to take things apart and put them back together. According to his father, Terry Champeaux Sr., his son began taking things apart when he was three years old. His first attempt at taking things apart was a lawnmower. Although, the toddler was much on putting them back together.

But, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Terry Sr. raced motorcross in his earlier and younger days.

Together, the pair makes their rounds at local race tracks in Evadale and Baytown.

Currently, they are looking for sponsorships so Terry Jr. can achieve his dreams. Businesses can use the sponsorship for advertising purposes on the vehicle, but also as a tax write-off, Terry Sr. said.

‘I may have bit off more than I can chew, “ he added. “ Just one or two would really help.”

Someday, Terry Jr.  hopes to own a race car shop. Until then he will do what he can to participate in area races. In the mean time, he likes to fish and hunt.

“He is just an all around boy,” his father said.

They are waiting on parts to come in and will travel to Baytown this weekend to the races.  They will share in the moment when once again the roar of the motors will be heard as he races to the finish line in search of his dreams and victory.