Officers with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between June 19 and June 26:

June 19:
Theft, 5359 Colony Ln., Orange
Missing person, 6061 Williamson Rd., Orange
Theft, 7725 Hwy. 62 N., Orange

June 20:
Death investigation, 3350 Garner, Orange
Theft, 10351 W. FM 1130, Orange
Cruelty to animal, Bessie Heights, Orange
Theft, 14344 W. FM 1130, Orange
Disturbance, 5150 Daniel Cr., Orange
Assault, 120 Little Creek Run, Vidor

June 21:
Disturbance, Hwy. 12/Bahama St., Vidor
Burglary of motor vehicle, 1790 Carpenter St., Vidor
Disturbance, 9179 Northridge Dr., Orange
Disturbance, 4747 Pine Bluff Rd., Orange
Suspicious persons, W. Village Rd., Vidor
Burglary of habitation, 496 Rosebud St., Orange
Sexual assault of a child, Morris, Orange
Disturbance, 720 Burch St., Vidor

June 22:
Criminal mischief, 3228 Lawn Oak Dr./Pine Bluff Rd., Orange
Missing person, 14854 FM 1442, Bridge City
Theft, 1077 Cottage Ln., Orange
Death investigation, 785 Pleasant St., Vidor
Burglary of motor vehicle, 9872 Old Hwy. 87, Orange
Traffic arrest/possession of controlled substance, 200 Opal St., Vidor
Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 4826 Old Hwy. 87, Orange

June 23:
Disturbance, 6219 Johnson Rd., Orange
Disturbance, 2560 Crestwood St., Vidor
Suspicious person, Canal, Orange
Sexual assault of a child, Bahama Dr., Vidor
Burglary of habitation, 1335 FM 1131, Vidor

June 24:
Traffic, FM 1442, near Terry Estates, Orange
Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 16264 FM 105, Orange
Theft, 2779 Patillo Rd., Bridge City
Death investigation, Baptist Hospital E.R., Orange
Theft, 2469 Linda St., Orange
Fraud, 4574 Elk Dr., Orange
Theft, 7715 Hwy. 12, Vidor
Disturbance, 755 Poplar St., Vidor
Animal bite, 9133 Northridge Dr., Orange

June 25:
Theft, 5305 Victory Ln., Bridge City
Burglary of motor vehicle, 2227 FM 736, Orange
Theft, 5700 Wayside Dr., Vidor