A corpse was discovered on a lab table in the Academic building at Lamar State College – Orange. Also on the lab table were a glass vase–assumed to be the murder weapon–a very large diamond ring, and a newspaper.

Orange County CSI Paul Arceneaux and Deputy Chad Hogan described the crime scene as they examined each piece of evidence in front of the Court Mystery Class at LSCO’s 2013 College for Kids – Orange.

Fortunately for all, the corpse that was discovered had walked into the classroom on her own… and also left the same way.  Ms. Latouia Leverett actually works for Judge Courtney Arkeen of the 128th District Court in Orange. She was one of several people from the Courthouse participating in the Judge’s class to help kids understand better the workings of our court system.

Over the course of two weeks, kids in the Court Mystery class will get to experience prosecutors and defense attorneys, will be interviewed and interrogated, and with direct help from the District Court Judge will participate in determining if the defendant who was arrested is guilty.

College for Kids – Orange (CFKO) is a summer program of Lamar State College – Orange. This is the 17th year that the Continuing and Workforce Education office has hosted College for Kids. The program is designed for students who will be entering fourth through eighth grades in the fall. One of the primary objectives of the event is to introduce students to the college campus and familiarize them with higher education in the hope that they will continue their education after graduating from high school. It provides a unique learning environment for area youth that is not available through traditional elementary and middle school curricula.

CFKO students learn new things and have fun doing it.

Shown at the “crime scene” during the Court Mystery Class at College for Kids 2013 are, from the left: Judge Courtney Arkeen, Ms. Latouia Leverett as the corpse, CSI Paul Arceneaux, and Court Bailiff James Lucia.  Lamar State College – Orange is holding the 17th College for Kids summer program.