The Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between June 3, 4, and the morning of June 5:

Warrant service, 115 Border St.
Traffic arrest, Ridgemont Dr.
Assault, 3701 N. 16th St.
Assault/family violence, 111 Pine Ave.
Miscellaneous incidents, 12099 FM 1442
Assault/family violence, 1247 Palm Dr.
Burglary, 111 Pine Ave.
Assault, 111 Pine Ave.
Burglary, 111 Pine Ave.
Aggravated assault, 1303 Sholars
Warrant service, 205 Border
Weapons offense, 4th St. (Brownwood)
Damaged property, 2320 3rd St.
Disorderly conduct, 608 Strickland Dr.
Damaged property, Simmons and North
Public service, 2424 16th St.