I hope you all had a nice Fourth of July. I have nothing but compliments for Darrell Segura and the Bridge City Historical Society. They put on a good fireworks show. A lot of people attended and cars were parked for a mile on each side of the Bayou. Children sat on top of cars and hoods, while parents and grandparents sat on lawn chairs. The grounds of what will be the location of a new city park and museum were beautiful sitting on the banks of the bayou. Mayor Kirk Roccaforte said the event will continue to grow. I believe that. It’s a great location, next to the Historical Bridge.*****I enjoyed the Fourth by visiting friends Sue and Tommy Simar, where I came away with a bag full of goodies. My favorite was a Cajun boy’s candy, figs, right off the tree. I believe they have figs for sale. Call and find out the availability at 883-3619. Sue is having cataract eye surgery this week so she won’t be there to pick but Tommy might. A cup of coffee on their country porch is always a treat. *****Two weekends ago we were told a lot of rain was coming Friday through Sunday. I didn’t water. No rain came, not a drop. My hopes were raised when all local TV weathermen said we would get by the Fourth without rain but Friday we would get 30 percent, Saturday, 50 percent and Sunday and Monday, 80 percent. Friday one of the TV guys said we would get stormy weather and up to three inches of rain. Boy, I figured we will finally get that much needed rain so I didn’t water. Guess what! Not a drop fell. The rest of the week will be hot and dry but if rain does come, it probably won’t help my crop. I believe all weathermen get their information from the same place, the National Weather Bureau. They just put their own spin on the same info. Mostly they’re showmen. Their popularity depends on their presentation. I should know better then depend on TV weather reports. A wise old gentleman told me yours ago, “No one can predict Southeast Texas weather.” He was right. I didn’t listen and let my crop burn up. I’m learning, now I’ll watch them put on their show but I ain’t buying.*****I’ve got to get going. Got that off my chest. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The attacks have already started on former Sec. of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, even though she hasn’t declared she will be a candidate for president in 2016, a full three and a half years away. The presumption by the G.O.P. is that if she runs, she will be the Democratic nominee. The G.O.P.’s high priced consultants have rolled out two lines of attack. One is at age 69 she would be too old for the job, despite 69 being the new 59. The high-priced consultants are banking on the fact that voters have forgotten that in 1984 Ronald Reagan, at age 73, said he wouldn’t make Walter Mondale’s age an issue. His famous quip went like this, “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponents youth and inexperience.” Karl Rove, who was so wrong about the outcome of the 2012 election, himself 63, not hardly the face of the G.O.P. youth movement, now says, “It’s time for Clinton’s generation to step aside. It’s time for younger candidates to step forward.” He forgot Obama wasn’t an old man when elected. Rove says three of the parties rising stars are of a different generation, Marco Rubio, 42, Paul Ryan, 43 and Rand Paul, 50. He’s counting out his old buddy Rick Perry, who is sure to try again. Rove, the highest paid consultant, hasn’t had a win since he was Bushes’ brain, which turned out to be a disaster. If age attack is Karl’s thing, Rush Limbaugh takes a lower road, combining both sexism and age, asking Americans if they are ready to “Watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis.” I guess men don’t age on a daily basis. He likes young women, he’s had five young wives. The Daily Beast observed, “If he has the reach we’re told he has, he creates 10 new Clinton voters every time he opens his fat mouth.” Those ‘Talking Heads’ and high price consultants often outsmart themselves. Republicans do better than Democrats with voters 65 and older. In the last presidential election 56 percent voted for Mitt Romney, then they attack women, Obama got 56 percent of them. So they’re painting themselves in a corner. There are 17 million men age 65 and older who vote, 22 million in that age group are women. Together that’s 56 percent to 43 percent, so this already alienates the fastest growing block of voters in 2016. They have also started using the mail to raise money by attacking Sec. Clinton on Benghazi. I received a mail out asking for money, you might have also. That’s a whole other story that I don’t have the space to go through except to say, “That hound has hemorrhoids. It won’t hunt.” The average, reasonable Republican has a right to ask what they’re getting for their money from those high-priced consultants.


7 Years Ago-2006

The Bridge City Rotary Club installs new officers and presents awards at banquet. Elected officers are, Barry Murchison, president; Darrell Myers, vice-president; Marialeice Saucier, secretary/treasurer; Mark Magnuson, president-elect. A new board member is Dr. Michael Olson. Rotarian of the Year award was presented to Marialeice Saucier. Jerry McInnis received the Community Service award from outgoing president Ronnie Hutchison. The Bridge City Rotary was charted in 1974.*****Judge Roy Derry Dunn, J.P. Pct. 2, had knee surgery and will be out of the office and Judge Joe Parkhurst, J.P. Pct. 1, is on vacation, driving to Vegas. Meanwhile, the two lady J.P.’s, Judge Janice, Pct. 3 and Judge Sherrie, are holding down the fort. *****Mayor Brown Claybar and Linda are new grandparents of Lucy Margaret, daughter of Sarah and Robert Latours. *****Robert Frederick, 74, passed away July 6. *****Ken Lay’s ashes were buried in the Colorado mountains. He died from a heart attack July 5. He was facing 25 years in prison after conviction in the Enron case. *****Sara Ann Hude becomes he bride of Eric John Eddleman on July 8. *****Charlie Vidrine celebrates 26th birthday. He became a new dad June 12 with the birth of a son Cade Anthony, who weighed in at 2 pounds, 4 ounces and was 14 inches long.*****It’s been 10 months since Hurricane Rita and clean up is still going on.*****Bridge City 11 year old All Stars march through Little League District play undefeated. The young stars stable of pitchers are Hayden Guidry, Preston Pittman, and lefty Collin Gros. Other team members are Reagan Picken, Aubrey Harrington, Revel Diabo, Eric Truncale, Bryce Sanpere, Adrian Schubarth, Colin Smith, Clint Delahoussaye and Aston Hunter.*****“Big Red Machine” heads to USSSA World Series. They are ranked sixth in the nation among 559 teams. The select team, coached by Ronnie Shugart, consists of Matthew Kress, Blaine Slaughter, Tryce Howard, Logan New, Dillion Taylor, Ryne Shugart, Tanner Doiron, Drew Delarosa, Blaine Pruett, Chase Shugart, Corbin Voegeli and Bryce Carey. The team will board a jet to the World Series in St. Louis Missouri.

36 Years Ago-1976

Orange County judges attend statewide seminar. Judges attending were Justice of the Peace Marlin Shelton, Pct. 2; Martin Ardoin, Pct. 3 and Claude Wimberley, Pct. 1.*****The Bridge City Youth Baseball season is over. The Dodgers, coached by David Riddling, Bert Clark and John Brown won the Pony League championship. Players are John Garriga, Grey Guillotte, Dean Pepper, Chuck Guilhas, Kenny Hass, Judy LaBouve, Trey Broussard, Clint Menard, Eric Ridley, Bucky Thompson, Brent Hockey, Donnie LeTulle and Tony Harrenger. *****Three cities proclaim “Roy and Crystal Wingate Day,” signed by Mayor A.R. Morgan, Pinehurst, Mayor Glenn Seale, West Orange and Paul Hale, City of Orange.*****Gordon and Diane Baxter have just returned from a trip to Israel. Roy Dunn is sporting a blue, Evil Eye, around his neck, a gift from Diane from Israel. Roy is not rightly sure what the significance of the Evil Eye is. (Editor’s note: I wonder if he still has it.)*****Louis Gay will get to celebrate his birthday in Hollywood on July 25, thanks to a gift of airplane tickets for him and wife Nancy from daughter Linda. She has a big party planned with important folks in attendance. *****Don Jacobs’ column, in the Opportunity Valley news, concerns Huey Meaux, Gordon Baxter and Freddie Fender. Bax was presented two gold records of Fenders’ big hits, “Before the Next Tear Drop Falls” and “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights,” by Huey. Bax was the very first disc jockey to play the records when they were released. Meaux, an ex-barber and Fender, promoter, are longtime friends of Baxter. *****Fred, John and the crew at Bridge City Bank are offering bi-centennial savings bonds, issued July Fourth. *****The Gunns take annual vacation to Florida. Twelve folks, plus one great big dog, traveled in a motor home but will rent sleeping quarters along the way. Gunn Studio is closed this week.


Henry Woodard, Kathy Fraccastoro, Paula Auffurth, Bertie Seitz, Corrine Welker, Dawnie Wilkinson, Donna Riley, Laura Childress, Brennan Magee, Michael Brinson, Miranda Welker, Peggy Hebert, Sarah Cornwell, Shelby Welker, Arta Miller, Charlotte Stout, Cleon Hogan, Lana Griffith, Larissa Barclay, Joette Webb, Wickie Carter, Nancy Byers, Terry Meyer, Craig Simmons, Danna Fournet, Dawanna Landry, Dera Breaux, Virginia Cox, Earline Garrison, Kristen McCurry, Marsha McCullough, Mary Morton, Rodney Barrett, Steve Sarver, Susan Everett, Angela Zenos, Billy Bryant, Donna Peterson, George Millsap, Jared Ganze, Margaret Richey, Joe Rion, Melani Woodruff, Calvin Rutledge, Ella Stuebing, Lance George, Ledia Miller, Mark Grizzaffi, Melissa Darbonne, Melissa Eshbach, Mitchell Heil, Peggy Claybar, Tommy Harmon, BJ Graham, Cassey Polk, JB Jones, Marlin McKinney, Rhys Outlaw, Jean Long, Gail Eads, Phil Dickman, Lorie Dubose, Mary Dorsey and Carlis Roy.


Our buddy Jimmy Dillion went for his first lab/clinical Monday after having a kidney transplant. The results were good. Jimmy has been feeling great. It’s hard to keep him down. He has had so little pain and he can deal with the soreness. Jimmy has to be careful about going in public, restaurants are out all together. He must wear his mask at all times except to eat. He was told that 80 percent of germs that will make him sick will come from his own hands, 20 percent are airborne from people. With no immune system right now, he’s not taking any chances. He could get sick real fast. Our prayers are with this great guy for a complete recovery soon.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Robert’s last week. The group held a surprise birthday party for Judge Pete Runnels, mayor of Pinehurst. Over 30 folks were in attendance. Among the Bunch were Judge Carl Thibodeaux, Marcelle Adams, former county commissioner, County Treasurer Christy Khoury, Sheriff Keith and Marlene Merritt, Pinehurst City Administrator Joe Parkhurst, Constable David Cagle, former mayor T.W. Permenter, former JP Claude Wimberly, former Deweyville principle Joy Scarborough and one of her teachers, Ted Williams, former chief and longtime lawman Wilson Robets, Judge Janice Menard, Corky Harmon, Joel Steirman, Parks Director Donna Scales, who made a great cake and a load of large, chocolate covered strawberries that was the favorite of Brandy Slaughter. Shirley Zimmerman, Carl Goodman, Bobby Fillyaw, Roy Dunn and Veterans Officer Gene Smith all indulged in Donna’s cake as did Kyle Bland. I know I’m missing over a half dozen others but I’m surprised I remembered so many, after all that was nearly a week ago. This week the Lunch Bunch dines at Novrozsky’s. Everyone always welcome. Back at Robert’s next week. I did learn that Marcelle will turn 90 in August and nothing slows her down.*****Betty Harmon ventured off to Lafayette like she often does, and brought back some special cookies from a shop there. Fruity cookies, I loved them.*****Miss Pearl’s poems have been drawing great response and popularity. Last week, her poem got over 20,000 hits on our website from around the world and a lot of local compliments.*****It’s hard to believe that little Stacy Savoy, daughter of Judy and Gary, turns 45 this week. Last we heard, she was a mother and living in the Houston area, as does her mom. Sometime back we heard Gary lives in East Texas. Shortly after Stacy was born, Gary and Judy were involved in the pioneering of the Opportunity Valley News, a very popular weekly paper in the area.*****A few folks we know who will be celebrating birthdays in the next few days are our buddy, longtime BCISD employee and our go to girl when we need help, Donna Riley turns a year older on July 10. We go back to her teenage years when she was a DE student at P.S. Tire. Donna may you have a great day. ***Nurse Practioner and Coach Griff’s lovely wife, Lana Griffith, celebrates July 11, and also on this day, a nice guy Cleon Hogan. Here’s hoping you have a great day at the races. ***Darrell and Greta Brinson’s youngest boy Michael also celebrates this day. ***On July 12, a good friend, Christy Koury celebrates. Last week Christy was batching with her little princess Coree off to summer camp. It was the first time they were separated for a week.***July 12 is sweetheart Dayle Gunn Weatherford’s birthday. ***Also celebrating on the 12th is pretty Joette Webb, Charlie’s longtime mate.***This day was Roy’s mother’s birthday. He often wrote about her.***July 13, is a special day for a special lady. Virginia, “Miss Ginny” Cox, Neighbor Cox’s longtime bride, celebrates.***Billy Bryant, one of Mary and the late Casey Bryant’s boys, is a year older. I’ve lost track of Billy. I’m not sure where he landed but I do know he’s a good baseball coach. ***Celebrating also is Steve Sarver. ***July 14 finds Dee’s other half, Calvin Rutledge, celebrating. Also longtime educator, former principal Ella Stuebing marks another birthday. ***On July 15, one of the sweetest, nicest, ladies we know, David’s longtime bride, Peggy Stringer Claybar celebrates her special day. Our best wishes. Also it’s a special day for a special lady, Melissa Eshbach. ***Celebrating another birthday is Corky and Don’s baby brother Tommy Harmon, one of the great guys. ***July 16 finds pretty ex-teacher, bride of Brad, Carlis Roy, celebrating this day. ***The 16th would have also been the birthday of our late friend Clarence Dale Newton. We haven’t heard much from “Granny” Linda, since Dale died. ***All the above are good, salt of the earth folks and we extend happy birthday wishes to each.***We also want to wish Donna Peterson, who celebrated July 7, a belated happy birthday. She’s one of my favorite beauties. Please see complete list.*****I got a call Tuesday evening about 7 p.m. from Cotton’s Corner Bingo telling me nearly 600 people  had already arrived for the Super Tuesday Bingo.*****Our friend Pete, at Coastal Landscaping, does good work. This week he has special deals on all kind of landscaping give them a call.*****Country music star Randy Travis, 54, who just released a tribute to the late George Jones, was in critical condition Tuesday in a Dallas hospital. Saturday he was fine but by Sunday he was critical with viral cardiomyopathy caused by a virus that attacks the heart. Randy has had personal problems but as a country artist his voice and real country music are my favorite.*****“USA Today” puts out an Elvis Presley special edition celebrating the 60th anniversary of his first recording. “My Happiness” was cut by Elvis for $4 as a gift to his mother. He went on to record 750 songs. The USA 48 page keepsake is on newsstands today. It depicts the King of Rock-n-Roll’s influence on music and society. The last single released in 1976, was “Way Down” that featured J.D. Sumner, who sang the lowest note ever recorded, three octaves below Middle C. My favorite Elvis music was gospel. Best song was “How Great Thou Art.”


Maude Dartez was sitting on a bench in Breaux Bridge when Sid Marceaux walked up and sat on da utta end of da bench. After a few moments, Maude axe, “Are you a stranger here, hanh?”

Sid replied, “Well, I lived here many years ago me.”

Maude said, “Where were you all dem years?”

Sid answered sheepishly, “In prison.”

“Mais, why dey put you in prison? Maude axed.

Sid look at her and said very quietly, “Me, I killed my wife.”

“Oh,” said Maude, “So you single hanh?”


“Opps,” for the first time in 13 years Gov. Rick Perry will be a “Lame Duck.” He has 18 months left in this term but won’t be a candidate for a fourth term. The longest serving governor in Texas history can read numbers. A recent poll showed that 60 percent of Texas voters said it was time for Perry to go. With his exit, it opens the door for GOP hopefuls to throw their hats in the ring and start playing musical chairs. Att. General Greg Abbott is an early favorite to win the nomination for governor, leaving the AG’s office open to a flood of candidates. Meanwhile Lt. Gov. Dewhurst will be scrambling to save his political life. Democrats will face an uphill battle this time around but can make great strides and be on the front row in 2016 elections, when Texas is expected to start turning blue. Sen. Wendy Davis is being urged to run for governor. I believe the Democrats best bet is to run for attorney general this time. She will make inroads even if not elected. I never count out a woman’s appeal and especially in the year of the women. Ann Richards wasn’t given a chance against Clayton Williams, Kay Bailey Hutchison wasn’t suppose to beat the big boys for U.S. Senate. Wendy running will help down ballot candidates. Rick Perry will never be president of the United States but he’s made friends in rich places. Farm boy Rick ain’t no more, he got his teeth fixed, no more poor days.*****Testimony in the George Zimmerman trial in Florida should end this week. Final arguments next. My best guess is the state can’t get a second degree murder conviction. Maybe manslaughter is likely but I have some reservations that they can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Politics forced that trial. A verdict either way won’t sit well with either side. Problems could be ahead.*****Well, my time is up and I thank you for yours. Please read us cover to cover and support our family of advertisers. Pray for rain. Take care and God bless.