Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between July 15, and the morning of July 16:

Aggravated assault, 608 Strickland Dr.
Burglary, 2210 Simmons Dr.
Larceny from yard, 1301 Link Ave.
Warrant service, 205 Border
Warrant service, 201 8th St.
Burglary, 201 8th St.
Burglary, 1301 W. Front Ave.
Burglary, 2200 Simmons Dr.
Selling synthetic narcotics, 201 8th St.
Fraud by wire, 201 8th St./1956 Huntsman
Public intoxication, 333 Lutcher Dr.
Larceny from yard, 2239 Norwood Dr.
Possession of controlled substance, IH-10 E
Warrant service, 2241 Norwood Dr.
Assault/family violence, 3704 Bowling Ln.